Friday, August 31, 2012

A Trip to the Store

We are having company this weekend.  Our friends who happen to have ten kids are coming down for a visit.  Can you believe that soon we will have 27 kids in our house?  I shudder to think. ;)  Anyway, I went to Costco with a few of the kids, one of them being Paul.  As I rattled off things I needed to get so Julia can write them down, Paul spoke up and said we needed mustard.  I smiled ear to ear because this is such a huge thing for Paul.  For one he is very soft spoken.  And two, it takes a lot to get him to speak up about anything.  I loved how he took the initiative to make sure I didn't forget the mustard.  After shopping and loading up the van, Anastasia hopped into the front seat right on top of one of her sister's MP3 players.  That sister went to open the front door to find Anastasia there.  A little annoyed, she asked for her music and went and sat in the back.  Anastasia looking clueless, I seized the moment to tell her that when she sees something like an MP3 player or purse or book sitting on the seat, it usually means that the seat is saved.  I think she gets it.

Our phones stopped working today so I had to go and buy new ones.  They were old and on their last legs anyway, but who knew they would just stop working. Caleb wanted to drive and it was the perfect opportunity to spend some one on one time with him.  Afterwards, we stopped by a restaurant that had a help wanted sign in the window and Caleb got an application.  It would be awesome if he gets a job because he really wants to work.

We are enjoying the cooler weather.  We have no big plans for the weekend other than hanging out with friends.   Any of you doing anything special this three day weekend?


  1. No Plans? You are having 12 people over! silly you. :)

    I love that you NOTICED that Paul spoke up. Way to go Mom!

  2. Thinking of becoming a Costco member. Sounds like good stuff/great deals :)

  3. Not sure I could manage 27 kids. 27 adults is hard enough. Good luck and have lots of fun with your gathering. I see the neighbor's yard needs mowing. I might ride across his yard while mowing mine this weekend. Other than that, only the shadow knows what I'll be up to. ;)

  4. Hi,

    I'm getting my truck inspected - thankful to have a reliable vehicle.
    I'm going grocery shopping - thankful to have money to buy food.
    I'm going to clean my apartment - thankful to have a home.
    I'm going to read a book - thankful for the ability to read.
    I'm going to take a walk - thankful to be able to walk.
    I'm going to watch a movie - thankful to be able to see and hear.
    I'm going to church - thankful for the freedom to worship freely.
    I'm going to a friend's house for a Labor Day Cookout - thankful for friends!

    Have a great weekend and visit with your friends.

  5. Hi!I will be having a large picnic and taking my children on long nature trail walks. We will be attending a church service and thanking God for letting my family live in this great country and have employment and ask God to help the unemployed to find work.Happy Labor Day Pat

  6. That will be so much fun with all those kids.

  7. I think it will be like having a summer camp for kids right in your own house :-)

    Paul sounds like a little sweetie.

    Have a great weekend.

    Marilyn from Canada

  8. I LOVE your blog I have 3 adopted children and have the same passion for Orphans as you do. May the Lord bless you and your family.

  9. We're relaxing at home, getting in a few lasts swim sessions before we take the pool down for the year, and grilling burgers.

    P.S. It amused em that the thought of 27 kids makes you shudder. I know you were teasing, but it made me laugh.

  10. very Good post Thank you!


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