Tuesday, July 17, 2012

With Love Happy Birthday

Now that Oliver has been home a few weeks and has really began to blossom I thought it was the perfect time to sing him happy birthday.
He was in awe of the cupcake and lit candle.
He grabbed the flame so quickly but the candle went out before he was hurt.
He was one happy camper.
Although he wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake and frosting.
Hmmmm, does it go in my hair like this Mom?
Oliver, we love and adore you so much!  As you probably hear your siblings say over and over-- "You are perfect!" 
This was great for Nolan to see.  He was excited to watch and hear us sing.  He will definitely be prepared for when it is time for him to blow out his birthday candles.  I can't wait.
Oh and tonight was a huge milestone.  Nolan went to bed without crying.  This is huge!
Please keep Alex in your prayers.  He is having surgery tomorrow morning.  If all goes well he will only have to spend one night.


  1. Happy birthday Oliver! Praying for Alex and the doctors too!

  2. Happy Birthday Oliver! You have an amazing family! God Bless you! Glad that Nolan passed "crying before bed" milestone. Hopefully no more crying. Praying for Alex!

  3. Happy celebration day, Oliver!

    I hope things go well for Alex.

  4. I hope it is as successful for A as it has been for my tLP

  5. What a little cutie!! I am so happy that the boys are adjusting so well to their new home.

    Will be praying for Alex today!

  6. Happy Birthday Oliver. So glad everything is going well.


  7. Aww, what fun! Happy (late) Birthday to Oliver! :)

    Praying for Alex!!

  8. Hi!Oliver is so cute. I like how he ate his cupcake with his little hands. He seems to have good hand coordination for a baby. Welcome home little guy and glad you had a wonderful family to share your first birthday with.Pat

  9. I hope he just flourishes this next year.

  10. You have a cool family. I need to go back and read your family's story. Ijust started a blog.


  11. Unbelievable. Class!!! :0)))


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