Saturday, July 28, 2012


Nolan had his plastic surgery consultation yesterday morning.  I was not thrilled with the doctor's attitude.  Basically he told me that the ENT and pediatric dentist that I took Nolan too was not up to par and that if I wanted him to fix Nolan's palate then I would have to see who he recommends for these issues.  Seriously that is what he said.  Forget about the fact that Nolan's ears are in great shape.  Forget about the pediatric dentist who sometimes teaches at this same hospital and took the time to try and coordinate care in the best interest of Nolan.  Forget about both these doctors having a wonderful bedside manner and seeming genuinely interested in making sure I am involved in my child's care.  Forget that Nolan felt very comfortable around both of them because they are great with kids.  Just forget about all that.  I went ahead and scheduled surgery for Nolan with this doctor on my way out... but only as a last resort.  Even Galina told me that it sounded like this doctor was giving a speech rather than talking to us.  On the drive home it dawned on me that this was the same doctor who had nothing nice to say about the other doctors that had performed Dennis' surgeries.   His attitude was still the same--  Our team is the best and what other doctors say or do cannot compare.   You better believe I came home and called another plastic surgeon that was recommended to me and made an appointment.  In two weeks we will get our second opinion.

Speaking of doctors and surgery-- Alex's procedure has continued to be a huge blessing.  I had read the horror stories but so far so good.  In many ways it has exceeded my expectations.

Summer is flying by it seems.  The boys continue to adjust to family life to the point that it seems like they have always been here.  Everyone is growing up so fast.  Oliver can hold is bottle now.  Not that he has ever had a bottle fed to him outside our arms-- no that would be a waste of a beautiful and intimate precious moment with one adorable little boy.  While he is in our arms we have taught him to cup his little hands around the bottle because it is about the cutest thing in the world to see.  It's like he is making up for all the time he missed out on enjoying drinking from a bottle.  Dennis can now take out and clean his own prosthetic eye and put it back in.  I just had to teach him to plug up the sink so it doesn't accidentally go down the drain.   He is also trying to learn how to roller skate.   Nolan can now get on the toilet to go to the bathroom all by himself.  He is also learning to write his name and do puzzles.

Today we were blessed with a boatload of baby food for Oliver from our friends.  They also gave us lots of age appropriate toys for him.  Their parents, whom we hadn't met until today gave the boys a welcome home gift too.  It felt like Christmas!  Thank you Medrano family!


  1. Hi!It was very nice of your friends to give you baby toys for Oliver.I got a lot of v tech toys for my children when they were Nolan age I found that really helped out great with their learning.Pat

  2. I'd call the cooperative dentist, and ask him who HE recommends you go to. I think you should trust your instincts on this one. (See, I give advice! And I won't be hurt if you don't take it.)


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