Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Now That's Big

So maybe this picture wasn't the best one to start with.  They look sort of weird if you ask me.  Let me explain.  The older kids went to youth group where it was game night.  One of the games included chewing up a banana and spitting it through the nylon.  The few that tried it said it was very gross.  Here is Julia and Adam showing me how funny they look with the nylons on.
Joey, the older boys' friend way back when we lived in Reedley came down to visit.  One night we had ice cream floats and shakes.
Anastasia remembered doing this craft with me back in Ukraine when we first met.  Jonny and Anna had fun doing the sand art too.
Nolan follows Dennis around like mini-me.  He is such a turkey like that.  Even though Nolan had just eaten this yogurt, when he saw Jonny eating his fifteen minutes later he thought that he should be eating one too.  Same with breakfast.  When we first get up, we make cream of wheat for Oliver and feed him because he is hungry like that. :)  Of course Nolan wants to eat if he sees Oliver eating.  Then when we make fried eggs and toast or pancakes a little later, he wants to sit down and eat again.  There is nothing wrong with him wanting to eat and I have no problem feeding him, but I am trying to teach him that each person in the family eats one time at each meal.  This concept works great at lunch and dinner when we all sit down at the same time but for breakfast and snacks, he ends up just eating a little more because I haven't quite figured out how to explain it to him. :)
Nolan sporting his new haircut!  After seeing me cut his Daddy's hair and three of his brothers with the RoboCut he was was excited for his turn. 
Isn't he a cute cookie!
Alex loves Oliver.  Just the other day he was pushing Oliver all over the house in his walker.  What a big brother!
Last night we went skating because it was dollar night!  Most of the kids have skates so we only had to rent five pairs which kept the price very affordable.  All the kids had a blast.

Nolan enjoyed being pushed around in the stroller and pretending to play the arcade games.
Grandpa kept Oliver happy with a chunk of ice to suck on.  Oliver is teething and the cold felt
Since Alex can't skate and he had to take turns with Nolan and Oliver in the strollers we all kept Alex entertained by giving him high fives everytime we went around.
Dennis actually got out on the floor and skated with the help of a walker on wheels.  After four or fives times around he was tired.  He decided that drinking soda is so much more fun... and yummy!
Here is Galina and Annalyn with Caleb's girlfriend's sister Chelsea.
Adam with his friend pushing Nolan in the stroller.
Caleb and Taylar
Our friend gave us three zuchinni.  They are very big.  I decided to make zuchinni bread.
It turned out delicious!  Jonny nearly polished off a loaf all by himself.
Even William thinks Oliver is pretty cool now.  If you know William, this is huge!  It is such a blessing to see how much he has warmed up to his new brothers.  Praising the Lord that Adam and Caleb are such wonderful role models for their younger brothers.


  1. I love the pictures, it looks like your kids had a blast skating! And "WOW" about the size of the zucchini, I didn't know they'd grow that large. o.O

  2. Christine - every time I read your blog, I'm uplifted and see a new beauty in life. You and your family are such a heroic witness to the power and generosity of God's love. I don't always say it, but your family is a beautiful witness to me!

    :) Jen

  3. I LOVE how involved you are in even the smallest details of your children's lives. Thank you!

    I would love to ask you some questions about adopting, specifically those pertaining to "income requirements."

    Would I be able to give you a call {I am currently in Southern Oregon}. If so, please email me your phone number, transformedfromglory2glory at gmail dot com

    Blessings and joy,

  4. i love that Julia & Adam put the nylon's over their faces!!! So funny! Love the pic of Rachel & Dennis! Rachel is so pretty (inside & out)
    Also love the last pic of the 4 boys! What a great Praise Report for William to be doing great with Oliver & Nolan! Also 100% agree that Adam & Caleb are SUPER ROLE MODELS!
    Love you all!

  5. The nylons look really funny! I looked at the picture before I read the words and was trying to figure out if you had edited it on the computer or something.
    I love Nolan's haircut, he is so adorable.
    The skating looks fun.
    Oh my, that zucchini is enormous!! Mmm...

  6. Hi!Roller skating is a lot of fun. The Erie County homeschooling Association has gone roller skating as a youth activity.The group has also gone ice skating.The children and parents love the activity.Pat

  7. The zucchini is really amazing:)


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