Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hope This is Possible

To whom it may concern,

I recently had the privilege to examine Nolan Reed.  I conducted a comprehensive dental examination and diagnosed him with severe early childhood caries.  While he displayed a cooperative attitude, he was semi-cooperative for the exam and radiographs.  He had difficulty opening sufficiently to take needed radiographs and to allow total visualization of the oral cavity.  His proposed treatment needs will include extractions, baby root canals, stainless steel crowns, and fillings. 

During his initial interview, mom reports being scheduled with plastic surgery for consultation and possible treatment in the near future.  Due to his medical presentation of unrepaired cleft palate, dental diagnosis, and ability to receive dental treatment, please evaluate for possibility of combining palate repair with dental treatment.  

If you have any questions regarding Nolan please feel free to contact me.


Nolan's very nice dentist


  1. That would be so great if they could be combined procedures! Poor boy. I'm so glad he can get it all taken care of here though!

  2. Hi Christine!
    My 6 1/2 year old (with Asperger's and CP) has dental surgery on Monday. He was born with enamel dysplasia and he had a lot of work done like Nolan will. Root canals, crowns, one extraction (thank God)... so I feel ya!!!

    Praying they will do these two together!!!!
    Keep us posted :)
    Tina from Greece

  3. Please stop by my blog if you have time. It sounds like you're pretty busy.

  4. I've never succeeded in coordinating docs - I hope you can!

  5. Hoping they can combine surgeries for your son, it will be a lot easier on him. Our 8 year old (then 4) had to have extensive dental work done when he first came home, they combined several things to make it better for him.


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