Saturday, July 7, 2012

Getting Back in the Groove

The garden sure grew in the month that I was gone.  We had composted potato peels and green onion tops so those are growing in our garden too next to the tomatoes, green beans, and cucumbers.  Julia has become very fond of gardening and tends to it everyday.
It took a lot to get Nolan out here in the morning.  He is afraid of the dogs.  Little by little he is getting used to them.
We have green beans!
We are all up pretty early these days but usually have breakfast around 8am.  It is taking Nolan some getting used to our food, but he does love oatmeal with chopped up little pieces of banana.
Nolan is a very neat eater just like a big boy!
Annalyn cut her nails this way for fun before filing them down to a manageable length..  In Ukraine I actually saw girls who wore their fake nails like this.
Caleb started driver's ed.  He will be sixteen in August, but I told him that he has to wait until the New Year to get his license.  The timing works out perfectly.
The weather has been really nice here.  Oliver is enjoying Daddy and Anastasia love.
Here are all the middle boys playing.  Nolan likes the swing, but did not enjoy the trampoline.
Today we are all going to the beach.  We are going with two other families who are our good friends.  It should be lots of fun!
Nolan helped put all of the drinks into the ice chests.
Andrew, William, and Jonny playing the Wii.  First thing when I got home, I gave them all overdue haircuts.
We are all adjusting well to each other.  I am incredibly blessed to see how all of the older siblings are taking to Nolan and Oliver.  As to doctor appointments-- both the boys will be seeing a pediatrician next Friday.  Our family doctor couldn't see them till the end of the month, so I thought I would try a pediatrician who can get them in much sooner.  The following week Nolan will see the ENT, and the week after he will see the plastic surgeon.  I am thankful that all of these appointments are happening in July.  As to Alex, he should be having his appendicostomy surgery this month too.


  1. Christine, you are amazing.

  2. You are going to have a busy month! We have a round of sports' physicals coming up.

  3. I just don't think you are busy enough! :P J/K

    Nolan is just adorable. So is Oliver, but Nolan just shines with that little smile. :)

  4. busy busy busy! It's so nice to see how seamlessly the boys seem to be melting in. Are there any orphanage behaviors, aside from being neat and tidy, haha, that you notice in Nolan that you hope he outgrows?

    The "stiletto" fingernail shape is lately all the rage here in the states too actually. I despise it! I prefer a nice sort squared off nail! but what can you do.. when "fashion" rears its sometimes "ugly head" lol.

  5. I'm so glad you're back!! I hope you don't mind me asking this, but did you change Nolan and Oliver's names? I thought I remembered seeing something on your blog that said, "Help us bring Doyle and Fischer home." They're precious!

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  7. O my gosh Oliver is so cute you must be sooo busy i have 7 kids and im busy, what did you use for punishment for your girls? I'm looking for advice with mine :-} i have one 12 year old girl - Hadly one 13 Sophie and one 15 Adrianne thanks!

    also i have a 3 year old, Louie who is always getting into his sisters' make up and stuff i bet you have more problems than me! :-}


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