Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Family Life

Galina, Annalyn, and Rachel.  I took this picture after getting individual pics of them to update the side of the blog.
Nolan, Oliver, Julia and Adam.  When I first tried to get this picture Nolan was sitting off to the side.  Julia grabbed him and pulled him over to her to get this picture.
Nolan loves notebooks and paper.  He enjoys drawing with markers.  Oliver loves his walker.  He especially loves when Dennis or Jonny push him around the house.
Here is Oliver in his crib.  Our sweet friends set up in our room when we were in Ukraine.
Nolan and Alex both slept in this morning so I didn't make them take a nap.  I had them rest here in the living room for 1/2 hour.
Rest time turned into playtime with Alex giving Nolan moose kisses.  That was fine and dandy but toward the evening Nolan had a little meltdown.  He is definitely having a nap tomorrow.
Jonny drew this.  I don't quite understand...
Anna kissing Oliver.  His blue eyes are gorgeous aren't they?
Julia and Oliver
Oliver lights up all of our lives with his baby cuteness.

Today Aunt Tanya and my Mom came to visit.  I took this picture right in the middle of Oliver yawning.

A few nights ago while I was making dinner I pushed the stool up to the kitchen island for Nolan to stand on and watch.  Tonight he got on the stool by himself to watch.  He also put the pasta in his mouth like this all by himself.  What a cute imagination.
Next week Alex is having his big surgery.  After his appendicostomy he will spend one night in the hospital.  I am so hopeful for what this surgery will do for him.   Next week is a big step toward his future independence.


  1. Great Pictures! Nolan has the cutest little dimple! :)
    And those girls are going to have soooo much fun babying Oliver!
    Hope the surgery goes well and does all you hope for it to do!

  2. Ahhh, Oliver has the most GORGEOUS those brushfield spots! That's one of my favorite little "extra's" that kids with DS tend to have. Although, typical kids can have them too...they're just more prevalent with Ds,

  3. Boys are blossoming, and already changed a lot. Nolan's hair is cute on the last picture :) Oliver looks so happy, and I really want to hold him. He is so cute!

    Happy for you, that you are home!

  4. Do you have a P.O box? I notice Dennis likes cars and would like to send him some cars things as I get them cheap through work.

  5. It looks like the adaptation is going well! I love the new sidebar pics. Your kids are growing so fast. Dennis in particular is stunning me with how OLD he looks, I think because his face is narrower now. :)

  6. I can't wait to see them come alive in your family. They look so much more alert and active already!

  7. Hello Christine,
    Wow the boys are adjusting really well looks like. Its awesome they have a loving family now! Praise the Lord! By the way, Christine, you look great! It seems that a lot of people that go visit overseas for a while, come back looking younger and skinnier for some reason. May God bless your family more and more!

  8. Christine,
    I need to make sure you are aware of a few things..I was not going to mention them..but prayed and felt I should share them with you and you take it from there:)

    I know you said it had been a while since you had a baby...when I saw the picture of beautiful Oliver in that crib I gasped...I showed it to my husband who is a Dr and he did the same. I am not sure if you know , but most companies are not selling bumpers anymore.

    Many babies have gotten caught up in them and have been found when it is too late. this is different than SIDS. It is caused by the bumper. Now some companies come up with "breathable bumpers". I read my first story in a magazine about this written by a mother who lost her baby to a bumper. I got up in the middle of the night and took the bumper off and have never bought anything but a sheet for my other babies to go on the crib.

    My husband pointed out that with Oliver special needs with his tongue being larger in comparison to jaw size his risk would be at least double to suffocate from the bumper or get caught under. You will find people petitioning to get rid of them. They have no use but for decorative puposes.

    If the crib is up to date they will not get their arms/legs stuck in the slats do to new requirements. Also drop side cribs are not made anymore. Not sure if yours is. It looked like it may be. We threw away a new crib from Craigs list we bought right before the recall. Safety first.

    Also I saw stuffed animals and blankets. You may already know that the safest crib is one with just a fitted sheet on it. I have read it, seen it, practice it, seen it on many many talk shows with expert Dr's... our kids don't even get a blanket until they are almost 2. we then offer a pillow, but most of our kids didn't use one until they were 4 since they were used to not using one.

    Again ..PLEASE forgive me if you already know all this and are making your own informed choices. I just kept remembering the post when you sounded a bit flustered over the "baby thing" and wasn't sure the last time you had a baby in the house and were up on all the recalls as far as cribs and safety.

    please do not take this the wrong way. i just can't NOT say something and hear something awful and have me think "if I only..."

    Those boys are too precious in HIS sight!!!


  9. I love, love, love the new pictures on the right! Everyone looks so old! :) I'm praying for Alex's surgery.

  10. Hi!Your baby and toddler are so cute .The baby seems like he likes to be held a lot and in a big household that is a plus.Blessings, Pat

  11. Seeing Nolan and Oliver receiving the love and attention they were deprived of and now are receiving gives me great joy. How much more is their Heavenly Father's joy! The pics are beautiful, all of them. Thanks for sharing! ~ Tharen

  12. The new side photos are great! Alex and Dennis in particular are both looking SO grown up - maybe it's the new haircuts?

    Jonny's drawing made me laugh. I don't think I understand either. :)


  13. Christine,

    I had been keeping an eye on Nolan on Reece's Rainbow and was sad that nobody had adopted him yet. I really wished that my husband and I could adopt him. When he finally had a family, I was so happy!

    Of course, I had to see who his family would be, so I went to your blog. It has been really fun to get to know your family. I'm so happy to see that not only did Nolan get a family, it's your family!

  14. I like Annalynn's nails. :) Nolan and Oliver are so sweet. I hope alex's surgery goes well


  15. The little boys are sooo precious!! We were praying for you while you were in the Ukraine, and I'm glad your home! The pictures are all great. Nolan and Oliver have a great family.

    Allyson / Allie


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