Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Beach

Oh did we have plans for a great day at the beach. It just didn't turn out that way.  Turns out that everyone else thought it would be a great day for the beach too.  Traffic was bad.  We spent twice as long driving around looking for a parking lot that was open.  Finally we found one.  Once we were on the beach we realized how windy and cold it was.    Imagine it-- packed. . .  windy. . .  cold. . .   not how we would have liked, but then again things don't always turn out like planned.

We stayed for a total of about 40 minutes.  It took 2 hours each way to drive.  Here are the pictures.

Nolan has no fear.  He braved the sea water until a wave knocked him down.  Then he was done. :)

Oliver was wiped out from his beach experience.

We are all doing well.  I can now see the blessing of being in Ukraine for a full week with Nolan and Oliver.  We taught Nolan not to open every drawer in the apartment.  Now he can hang out with us in the kitchen without me worrying that he is going to open the knife drawer.  We taught him not to touch the computer. Now he can sit on my lap and look at pictures. We taught him not to play with the toilet water.  We don't have to leave the toilet lid closed after all.  This has been incredibly helpful since coming home.  For the most part Nolan has been very well behaved.  

Today we went to church.  Oliver and Nolan sat with us in the main service.  The boys did great!


  1. Too bad you didn't have OUR hot weather! We did just about the same thing when Lydia was here - driving all that way to Lake Michigan for just a few photos - much the same scenario - a ton of people, but the water was WAY too cold to enjoy. Oh, well....

  2. All the kids look so grown up and the little boys are adorable!!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog, and that you have inspired me and helped me to trust God through a scary (they always are) bipolar episode. Thank you!

    PS So glad to see Nolan and Oliver settling in so nicely.


  4. HOW did you teach Nolan not to open up the drawers? Any tips? I am dealing with that right now, although obviously a bit younger kid.

  5. I found your blog maybe over a year ago from the youtube video of Dennis' adoption. I instantly fell in love with your little boy, which was odd because up until that point I was very stand-offish when it came to special needs/disabilities because of something from my childhood. But with Dennis I had to know more. I had to know how he was getting along in his new life. I was sad when I went to his adoption blog and saw it wasn't active but so happy when I scrolled and saw smilesandtrails! I absolutely loved tagging along through the journey of adopting your newest members, and I'm so glad they have been blessed with such an amazing mom and family.

  6. If you are not already aware of Susannah Musser, her blog might be of interest:

    She and her husband have a large family, their youngest chold, Verity,has Down Syndrome and they adopted 10 year old Katie, who also has Down syndrome, from Bulgaria.

  7. Hi!The weather here in Erie has been very hot daily. The sun is wonderful but our rainfall is limited so my prayers go out to the farmers that they have enough rain to make the fall crops worth harvesting.Our beaches in Erie county have been really full with a lot of tourists. Pat


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