Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Baseball

John got tickets to a few minor league baseball games.  He took a few of the kids each time.  Last night he took Sveta, Anastasia, and Dennis.  It just happened to be "Bring Your Dog Night."  The kids loved it.  A guy behind them caught a foul ball and gave it to Dennis.  The crowd cheered.  Dennis was one excited little boy!  As I was getting him ready for bed later that night he pulled out two quarters from his pants pocket.  He told me that he was going to give the money to God on Sunday.  
Now that I am home and have had a chance to go through pictures, I am posting them on the adoption blog. I just did a new post tonight.


  1. Awww, that is soooo sweet! :) Both giving Dennis the ball, and Dennis giving his money to God. :)

  2. What a thrilling ball game for Dennis! He sure is looking good! I took a look back at his old pix last nite, after thinking how far all your Ukie kids have come. He has really changed! And I can't believe how long he's been home! Amazing the difference in him.
    And, look at those 2 beauties behind him!! Such love in your family! All the way down to Dennis' quarters for God!



  3. Hi! It was nice that Dennis received the baseball from the game. He will cherish that baseball the rest of his life. For Dennis take me out to the baseball game will have a wonderful meaning. Go Dennis go. Pat

  4. Dennis is cute!

  5. Christine, that is the sweetest picture and story about Dennis and his money for God!!

  6. What a nice guy to give Dennis his ball! I can't get over how old he's looking these days. So sad they don't stay little . . .

  7. How exciting for Dennis! He is so sweet!

    So, did you "Bring Your Dog"?? ;)

  8. Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned your blog on my blog in a list of blogs I read. Yours is number seventeen.


  9. That's great. i know he was so happy he is really cute. And Anastasia and Sveta are so pretty.



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