Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Another Reed Day

Everyday for lunch, William wants to make a toasted peanut butter and banana sandwich with honey.  No joke.  He is happy and content with the same ol' thing day after day.  Dennis likes them too.  Except he has sunflower butter.  Since I make lunch for the rest of us, and William wants something special, I usually ask him if he will make Dennis a sandwich too.  William is happy to do it if it means he gets to eat what he wants!  Of course, Dennis is usually right there watching him.  How sweet.
Annalyn and Galina have gone snail crazy. 
Enough said.
In case you haven't read here, we finally have our confirmed travel date.  So we made a big batch of borscht for the kids to eat while we are gone.  It freezes great!
What a nice lunch.
I got in on a deal where I only paid $10 for the newspaper for the whole year.  I only did this so I could get the coupons and start saving!  Today William cut them all out for me, bless his heart.  Now if I could only figure out what to do with them.  Haven't saved a penny yet.  Help!
If it's not snails, it's gophers.  They are wreaking havoc in our front and back yard.  After setting traps for two weeks Annalyn was pleased to finally catch one today.  At dinner as John went around the table and had all the kids share what the highlight of their day was, Annalyn said it was catching the gopher!  You go girl!
 The home schooled kids are reading Tom Sawyer.  This week there were many fun activities requiring posters-- an illustrated pirate dictionary, and a wanted dead or alive pirate poster.  Dennis of course was very interested in having his own piece of paper to draw something.  To make it fun, I told him to go sit on his bed, close his eyes, and count to 10.  Then, I would come and surprise him with a piece of big paper.  I did just that and it excited him so!
Here he is getting ideas of what to draw.  
Stay tuned...


  1. There are lots of online sites that explain to you in detail how to save with coupons (combining them with a sale saves the most for instance). I live on the other side of the country from you or I'd just send you links - lots of deals are regional. I would just google something like "saving money with coupons in CA" and something will come up. $10 a year? Wow, that should pay for itself in one trip of savings to the grocery store! I can save 40-70% per week on average - just depends on how much time I spend on it and how many things I'm buying without coupons. You can also google "printable coupons for _____" whatever product you're looking for and you may be able to print off a coupon. or are two good sites. Happy saving!

  2. So happy you got your travel dates! Less than 3 weeks and you will be with them! How exciting! Who will be traveling with you? I think you mentioned your husband and Rachel? Anyone else? I bet you can not wait to go and then get back home! Hope all goes well for you and your family.
    Jenny Goff

  3. I am not adopted, I don't have kids, I'm not even from Eastern Europe, but for some reason your blog touches me. I think it's because you feel so real to me - and so do your kids. The good the bad the ugly... you write about it all. Thank you so much for that. I pray that God continues to bless your family.

    Also - PB, Banana & Honey sandwiches are one of my favorites too!

  4. I am s saddened by your posts lately. First, you killed snails. Then you said you killed a gopher. And are happy about it! This is horrible. They are living breathing things. Aren't you, who believes in a god, suppose to love all creatures? There definitely was more humane ways to remove gophers from your yard rather then kill them. This is so very disappointing. I had donated 100 dollars when you first started your funding because I love that you want to help children, but now I wish I could have that money back and had used it to pay a wild animal rescue to save those poor gophers. What if those gophers had babies in their tunnel that you have now just made them abandoned and basically left for dead. I am sorry to say I am done reading this blog and helping with future funding. It is a shame too, because I really did enjoy reading about your large family and day to day dealings with it.

  5. Oh many SNAILS!!

    I can't help thinking as I read your blog that your family's life would make a great reality TV show ;)


  6. Hi,
    You have a beautiful family and a great blog that I am enjoying reading. One thing I wondered, though, as I went through your posts from the last month or so is how do you get to where you need to go on time? I only have 4 kids, but we're always late to everything. I can't imagine trying to do it with 15!!!

  7. Christine, there are money saving blogs out there that tell you where to find the sales, the coupons to go with the sales, etc. I have saved thousands every year and get tons of products free or nearly free. I'd be glad to send you an email of the 4 blogs I follow (just need your email).

    And congrats on getting your new sons soon!

    Cheryl in ID

  8. Dear Anonymous who couldn't even put your name. Are you trying to hurt Christine? Well it's not working!! I can't help but feel that you have issues and really need to get a life.
    We will all pray for you.

  9. Oh my! Anonymous....we are talking snails and gophers.......get a life.

    Peanut butter and banana and honey sounds devine to me. Good for him too.

    I love your blog!

    Marilyn in Canada

  10. It makes me sad to read comments like Anonymous's.


  11. I agree with Anon. I lurk here sometimes but am really saddened to see this family treat animals with such cruelty.

    I don't agree that because they're "just gophers and snails" they should be treated like garbage. They have feelings, brains, lives. There are humane ways to remove them.

  12. For the coupons, why not get your homeschoolers to sort them for you and help plan a shopping trip? Great for math and real life skills and they can then tell you what you're buying to save money!

  13. Hi! In Erie PA there is a wonderful woman who has couponing really down. She has a web site the Coupon General. She has a large family and does a lot of great work at her church in Erie . She has been on TV for her couponing work. Check her out. She really has couponing knowledge. Pat

  14. I live in Canada but my tips for couponing are...collect as many coupons as you can. Organize them by expiration date in card sleeves in a binder. Carry it in your vehicle with you. Watch your flyers to match coupons with sales. Check out the clearance section to see if you have coupons for stuff you can use. It really doesn't take that long...last weekend my coupon read 102% savings!!

  15. a great website to use for coupons is There is a box on the right side that says "passport" if you type in g92aey it will give you options for stores in southern CA. Its actually easier with that website if you don't clip the coupons. Save them as they are and just write the date of the paper on the front. when you click on the store you want to use them at it breaks it down by whats on sale and has coupons to go with it and tells you what date and what coupon book (ie. smartsource, red plum) it is in. It also tells you what the final price will be after the sale and the coupon and has a rating for how good the deal is. It's a fantastic site and has made couponing so much easier for me.


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