Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy 17th Birthday!

Adam went to school to meet with his calculus teacher this morning. When he was done, he found his car like this.  How fun!
For his birthday dinner, we found some fun napkins and party hats.
We made fried fish tacos!
Galina was my fish dipper helper.  I love when she asks to help in the kitchen.  She is learning so many things.
I fried up chicken for those who don't like fish.
The fish on the left had three layers of fried fish and almost all of it got eaten!
Adam's friend Brian came over.  Later tonight they will go and see The Avengers with John.
Here is the whole gang waiting to eat.
The tacos were awesome with homemade tarter sauce.
Happy birthday Adam!  It is hard to believe that you are 17!  Thanks for being such an amazing son and role model to all your siblings.
Galina and Annalyn
Andrew, Paul, and Jonny
John and Alex
Birthday wishes on your special day Adam!  We love you!


  1. I hae a question about your boys. Adam and Caleb seem very different in personality just judging by things you've said and also their looks and cloting choices. Andrew and Johnny seem to also be quite different. Andrews seems like a mini-Caleb. I was wondering how the presonalities vary among your boys. It comes across that Adam is more studious and Caleb is more social/athletic but of course that may not be true since I only know them from your blog.

  2. Happy Birthday, Adam!!!!

  3. Happy birthday Adam you are such a cool brother to all your siblings so good luck on your 18th year.

  4. Happy birthday Adam!

    I also had a question, if you don't mind--just something I was wondering about. :) How do you pronounce Galina's name? Is it phonetic? I love the name, it looks so pretty and definitely fits her, but I have never heard it spoken before so I wondered.

    Oh, also, this morning our pastor was talking about a Byelorussian family who had adopted 14 children! I immediately thought of you! :)


  5. I hope Adam had a wonderful birthday!

    If you have a minute, would you post your fish taco recipe? Thank you!

  6. He is all grown up! Great photos and a great day!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Adam!!!

    And fish tacos....YUM! What a great idea!

  8. looks like a fun day happy birthday Adam! I love the pic of Galina and Annalyn

  9. Happy Birthday, Adam! Someone once gave me that same card with the woman in the ruffled bathing suit. Hilarious!

  10. Hi!It was so great to see Adam's car all decorated. Your family has so much fun together.Pat


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