Saturday, May 12, 2012


Last weekend we had a barbecue potluck with our new friends/community group.
Even the younger ones had fun tossing balloons.
John and I worked in two shifts helping Andrew with his mission project.  I helped with the first half and here is John working on the second half.
In the middle of making Ranger cookies the other day, our mixer started acting up.  We all got a good chuckle out of mixing up cookie batter with one beater. 
Sure was a workout!  I guess I know what I am getting for Mother's Day even if I end up getting it myself.
Here I am with Dennis at the Mother's Tea.  Gosh, what a handsome young man he is growing up to be!
And here I am with Alex.  He loved listening to me read him story after story!  And look at his smile-- oh my he is a cutie!
For Mother's Day weekend, my Aunt Tanya, Mom, and Sister Elena came over to visit.  
Here I am with my Aunt Tanya (my Mom's sister) who I am very close to who is like a second Mom.
I love her to pieces.
She got this bike a long time ago and sent it down to us with hopes that we or my father-in law could fix it.
Turns out it needed new tire tubes and then it was ready to go.  But we told her that she could not have it back until we actually saw her ride it.
And she did!
Here is me and my sister.  She is moving to Texas tomorrow so this was our last time visiting for a while.  I will miss her, but I know we'll see each other again.
Adam saying goodbye to Aunt Tanya.
Goodbye pictures.
Me, Sister Elena, and Mom
Me, Elena, Mom, Aunt Tanya, and Mom (in-law)
More pics
Elena, and Galina
Elena with Alex and Dennis who have chocolate all over their face from the ice-cream sundaes they just ate.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Looks like fun. I did not realize Anastasia's hair was that short! It looks beautiful. Happy Mother's Day! You deserve a day of rest. :)

  2. What part of Texas is your sister coming to.

    Cant wait to follow your trip.

    PS my cook book is here yay

    Kimberley McCollum

  3. Your sister has exactly the same eyes as you! How neat to see photos of everyone, it looks like you had fun together.

    And yes, your boys are adorable . . . but I think all your kids are gorgeous! Anastasia is growing like a weed, isn't she? That one photo where she is standing beside Sveta . . .wow!

  4. Happy Mother's Day

    Raleigh saw me looking at your blog and asked me if I know you. I said not really but on the internet I do. I showed him your title picture and we counted your kids, his eyes getting bigger as the number went up. Then I told him you were leaving next week to go to Ukraine to get two more little boys to adopt so she will have 17 kids. In awe he said, "Seventeen kids? How does she do that?" I said, "I don't know, how DOES she do that?" To which Raleigh chimed in and said, "And you can barely do THIS."

    "Thanks Raleigh. Happy Mother's Day to me." LOL

  5. Dennis looks great! And Alex looks so relaxed! Yay! :)

  6. Dennis and Alex both look wonderful! I'm sure they enjoyed having you at the tea party.

    Cheryl in ID

  7. Looks like a nice day! Where will your sister be in Texas? It's a big state, but we're in Houston. I am finishing the puzzle pieces and hope to have them back to you later this week. I know you must be going a little crazy getting ready for your trip!

  8. Hi!It is alway nice to visit with family members. I am sorry for your family that your sister is moving to another state but for her it must be opening up a new journey in her life good luck and may God be by your side. Blessings Pat


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