Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Excited and Busy

Rachel and Julia being sweet together. Love it!
Speaking of Rachel, she will be having her CT Scan tomorrow.  Hope the headaches prove to be nothing.

Andrew turned in his mission project yesterday.  Only one hot glue burn and that was me!

I'm preparing for our trip to Ukraine.
Going through clothes.
Rearranging furniture.
Stocking up on food.
Typing and printing out letters for the grandparents to watch the kids.
Putting together a photo book for the boys.
Planning an early 8th grade night out for three girls.
Shopping for Sveta's 15th birthday so she will have presents to open.

In less than 2 weeks we leave!

I woke up to Adam telling me our kitchen cabinets had been invaded by ants.
This just after me bragging to a friend that we haven't had ants in a very long time if ever in this house.
Yes, I pulled out the bug spray.  
The good thing is that I organized my cupboards so my Mom won't have too!
Now if the kids could just keep them neat!

I am excited to go to not one but two Mother's Teas on Friday.
Dennis and Alex are excited too.
I might even wear a skirt.


  1. OH you sound super buys - wish I could help! but you also sound super excited!!! I am for you as well!! : )

    And yes, you wear that skirt! Its a special day and it feels good to dress up every now and then! Though dressing comfortable has its positives to say the least! : )

    I am so excited fro you!

    Hope Rachels CT goes well...

  2. So excited for you! Will you be able to seek Sascha on this trip? I *think* I am remembering correctly that he is in Ukraine..but maybe not. You haven't posted about him much is he?


  3. I broke out a skirt today. It's getting hotter, and I'm down to two pairs of capri pants. Isabel told me I looked fancy!

  4. Wow! I can't believe Sveta is going to be 15!!!

  5. I hope Rachels headaches are nothing too concerning. I remember having daily headaches in high school from grade 10-12. Turned out to be nothing and dr's chalked it up to hormones!


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