Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Always Up To Something

I can't believe how much our family has changed over the years.  I feel like I have heard and seen it all. The kids are always up to something, making sure there is never a dull moment.

Take this afternoon for instance.  Who plays catch with rocks? I guess Andrew and Jonny thought it was a pretty cool thing... until Andrew came in with a bloody nose from a rock hitting his face.  Can you say ouch!

Or what about Galina and Annalyn hunting for snails?  They brought me a tupperware with over 100 of them crawling around.  And now Annalyn will walk around with baby snails on her hands.  They have found a new hobby!

And then there is William back to bugging the dogs.  He likes to watch them freak out as he pretends to snap them with the towel. When I found out, I was not happy.  Neither was Anastasia who dressed the dogs up in baby doll dresses with matching eye shadow made from side walk chalk.  She loves those dogs so much!

I just signed permission slips for Paul and Jonny to go to the San Diego Zoo this coming Monday that I completely forgot about the fieldtrip Paul went on today until he didn't come home on the bus.  I was reminded that I signed that permission slip a few weeks ago.  Thankfully when I called the school they told me what time to pick him up.

Andrew's baseball team is in first place.

Adam turns 17 this weekend.

And I have an IEP meeting for Alex on Monday that I am not looking forward to.

That's about it. I think.


  1. I love the new picture! To me, it symbolizes your family - approaching the big, the unknown, the sometimes scary, the often wondrous together. Some are holding onto others. Some are heading into the waters on their own. All know they have their family with and behind them.


  2. Love the new header!

    I used to catch snails when I was younger... I think I had about 80 in the garage at one point. Fun, fun! ;)

  3. You know, you could cook the snails. The ones that are common in Southern California are the same ones that they eat in France. There was a recipe in Sunset magazine (very many years ago), and a friend of mine picked them up out of his yard and cooked them for a party.

    What, no pictures of the dressed up dogs? I'd really love to see that! (I used to dress my poor cat up in doll clothes when I was around 10 years old.)

    Sue B

  4. I hate to laugh about the rock incident, but it did make me chuckle. BOYS!

  5. Praying for your IEP meeting. (And you are more flexible about crawling things in the house.)

  6. Hi! Snails can be cooked and eaten my Thai friend told me.Happy snail hunting. Pat


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