Tuesday, April 3, 2012

We Avoided Stitches

On Sunday, Alex fell off the little ladder on our place place and hit the back of his head.  It was while we were out-- but just as we were heading back to the house.  Amazingly, the kids kept things under control until we got home.  Ice pack applied to the back of his head, they were able to minimize the swelling and bleeding.  Thankfully we were out with our new friends who are a part of our community group-- one just happens to be a nurse.  When we got back to the house, she pulled her nurse's bag out.  She checked out his gash, cleaned it, helped me cut his hair, and we tried to apply butterfly stitches.  They wouldn't stick.  As we continued to hold the split closed and apply pressure it looked like I would have to take him in for stitches.  I called a nearby urgent care only to find out that they would only do staples.  With Alex easily frightened/freaked out, John and I wanted to avoid taking him to get staples after our nurse friend said how traumatic it can be.  After putting our heads together we finally came up with the idea to use liquid bandage.
Sure enough-- it worked.  After applying the goop, we held the split together until it dried.  The gash stayed closed and the bleeding stopped!

For the last two days I have kept Alex home to make sure he took it easy.  So he wouldn't get too behind, he even got some school work done!  Tonight, I spent a good half hour cutting the hardened liquid bandage out of his hair.  I wanted to make sure that his wound was draining properly-- which it is, with nice clear fluid-- not that there is much.
When all is said and done, I will probably shave Alex's head to match the area on the back of his head.
Thankfully his hair grows pretty fast.

Looking back over the past few days, I am so thankful that Alex is okay.  He is so active like Dennis that they both always have a scraped knee or elbow going on.  I am very proud of my older children who handled the situation quite well.  They did not panic.  I think they will make excellent first time parents one day-- and not freak out like I did the first few times something like this happened.  I am also a huge fan of liquid bandage which saved the day.


  1. I'm so glad everything turned out okay. BTW, I got the sticker this past weekend. Thank you so much.

  2. OH Christine!! How scary!!! Thank god your kids knew how to step up...a very great comment on YOUR parenting as well!

    And thank god Alex is o.k.....Whew...how scary....

    I never heard of liquid bandage...hmm..I will have to look if they sell it here!

    HUgs to all and BRAVO again for your kids being so calm and taking care of Alex til you got home...

    : ) Gina

  3. So proud of your older kids!! Great job taking care of little brother:-) Very thankful that staples and stitches were avoided!!

  4. Kids, and very young children have the capacity to stand up and cope with things beautifully: I heard hundreds of stories about 7 or 4 years old (my cousin) taking care of older siblings in case of a real need. Andrea was 4 Manuela 16 (and seriously mentally retarded) Their mother was trapped a couple of hours in the elevator. Andrea didn't panic, he made dinner for the two of them, spoon fed his sister and when he realized mum was missing a little too long he called for the police. So simple.

  5. Also a fan of liquid bandage, just wish the application tip was easier on the one I have. Glad your little guy is okay.


  6. Good for the older siblings for handling things so well! Head injuries can be scary, especially as they bleed so much. My boys have had a few, too . . . all part of being a boy, I think!

  7. I'm so glad Alex is okay. Such brave and responsible older siblings :)

    I have a question for the next time you do a Reed Digest, if you don't mind.
    Would you let your children (including daughters) join the military, if that was what they wanted to with their lives?

  8. My daughter had to go the the ER for a gash on the front of her head beneath the hairline, and they used the purple glue after carefully separating her hair to get to it. She immediately swiped it with her hand, getting glue in her hair -- it was bad. It stuck straight up for a few weeks until had to cut it off. That stuff is HARD!

    Once I heard superglue was the same thing, so when my son got a minor cut his head, we used regular old superglue. DON'T!! It actually burns. (BAD MOMMA...)

  9. Hi! I am glad your son was ok and you had a nurse who was able to assist you. Pat


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