Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three Pictures

Caleb and his girlfriend Taylar at the beach.
The really nice thing is that Taylar's family is part of our community group so we get to spend every Sunday afternoon together. 
Sveta is such a hard worker.  She has made tremendous growth this year.  She is currently doing three math programs-- Saxon 3rd grade, Teaching Textbooks 3rd grade, and Math-U-See Gamma.  She is working on fractions, measurements, perimeter, area, and algebraic equations.
Anastasia is doing the exact same thing.  She has been home 21 months and her academic progress blows me away.  Both Sveta and Anastasia are hardworking and responsible, often reminding me that we still have to go over something.  
Julia and Galina looking beautiful.  I love their special bond.


  1. Chirtsine, I´d love to hear an update on how Anastasia and Paul are getting on....it seems like they just slid into your family with no issues whatsoever..amazing....: ))

    Working on my puzzle pieces...as susal I am being OVER Perfectionist! UGH....

    Hugs, Gina/Rita

  2. Caleb's girlfriend looks sweet. They grow up too fast, hmmm?

  3. The kids look great! And those girls are beautiful. :)
    I love having kids that are good friends.

  4. Hi! It is nice when children in a family have a strong relationship. I am glad the girls have a strong bond as children when they get older that bond with also be strong. Pat

  5. Dear Christine,
    I am interested in hearing your thoughts on 'dating'.
    Can there be varying standards within the same household to correlate with varying degrees of discretion/self control?
    Please address this topic.
    Thanks in advance,

  6. Sveta working on algebraic equations is very impressive for someone her age. I have dyscalculia and still struggle at 23 to grasp basic concepts so to see that Sveta is up to par in math is amazing she will go far that's for sure.


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