Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So Not Funny!

Last night I asked Adam and Caleb to mow the front and back lawns.  They did.  But guess what?  Caleb left the gas can out on one of the chairs.  And good ol' observant Dennis noticed it.  And the can with its long nozzle resembled something he had seen us use before.  Can you guess?

He proceeded to water our flowers with gas!

So not funny!

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  1. Oh no!!!! Not funny at all.. so sorry. Too bad we don't live closer I have some starts I could share with you .


  2. Yikes! When our son was Dennis's age, he played gas man with the hose. That wasn't too funny either. Though it is funny now. :)

  3. Sorry to tell you this, but you'll have to dig the soil out and replace it! Nothing can grow there now, and probably not for many, many years!

    It is funny since we know it's Dennis who did it! What a little guy! What laughter you have to look forward to over the years!!

  4. I hate to say it, but the last poster is correct. A prankster poured gas in 4 lovely letters in our yard when I was a kid, and that patch took years to get right. Dig out all the dirt for a foot or two down, as far as you can smell gas, and do it soon, before rain. Then plant something with shallow roots for the next few years! Sorry! Sherry

  5. I know this sounds weird, but light a match to the ground as soon as you can!! Keep a hose ready and you might have to get permission from the city, but if you burn it out quick enough, it might not harm the soil quite as much!

    Give it a few years, it will turn funnier the older the story gets... I'll tell you about the station wagon someday - ten years, and I'm just starting to chuckle instead of cringe.... :)

  6. Silly me, I just thought of the price of gas... not the fact that your plants and the soil would be ruined. :(


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