Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She Needs You Now!

Back in November I blogged about precious Tamara.
Soon after reading my post a family stepped up to adopt her.
Praise the Lord!
Tamara had a family!
Soon she would be holding the hand of her Mama.
Soon she would be snuggled up in our own cozy bed.
Soon she would be cherished and loved the way every child deserves.
Fast forward to today.
Her future looks very dim.
Her hope is fading.

Tamara lost her family.
And there is more.
Now that she is four years old she is facing an imminent transfer to an institution.
No more baby house. 

Oh how my heart breaks.
Oh Lord, we call out to you.  Where are your hands?  Where are you feet?  Where is this sweet child's family?
What hurts even more is that I know this little girl.  And she is a sweetheart through and through.
She is at the same baby house that Alex and Dennis were at.
She is in the same situation our little boy was once in.
Just moments away from a life way worse than now.
Any orphanage is no place for a child to grow up, but an institution is way worse.
Remember the videos of the Bulgarian institution I shared before?
Well, Tamara is headed to a place much like in the video.
She will be neglected, under nourished, and will surely deteriorate.

I am crying out to you--- "Please, she needs a family!"
A Mama and a Papa that will commit to her.
A family that will come beside her and help her to blossom into the girl she was made to be!

From a therapy team that visisted with her in 2012: Tamara is an absolute doll! Our TEAM has gotten to meet and work with Tamara the past several years and have loved every minute with her. Tamara is able to walk independently and talks in complete sentences. She told our group (in Russian) that she was a princess! We couldn’t agree more! Tamara ‘s caregivers asked us to help her with a few of her sounds in Russian, which leads us to believe her language and communication skills are very good since they were concerned with the production of just a few sounds. Tamara was able to hold toys with her hands, and complete a wooden animal puzzle with our therapists. She loved sitting in the floor playing and was a very good imitator of just about anything! Tamara is quickly approaching the age that will mean her time in the orphanage is coming to an end and will be facing a transfer to an institution. We are praying that Tamara never makes that move to an institution and will be set in a family that loves her. Join us in praying for Tamara.

Tamara's grant is currently at $2700.  With every tax deductible donation her chances of being adopted increase.  If you are not in a position to adopt right now, perhaps you can consider a love offering to her grant fund to enable another family to step forward.

You can donate here.


  1. Dang!!! I hope a family in process to her country could add her in!!!

  2. Hi!The move from a baby home to an older orphanage is awful. I hope someone can adopt her.I will be praying .Pat

  3. It's hard to tell by the picture on my computer but does she have Apert syndrome? Regardless, she is beautiful. Praying that her family steps up very soon. I really wish it was my family that was stepping up to rescue her. She is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Like the comment above I hope that a family already in the process can add her on - it has happened before!

    (Could you do it yourself, maybe? Your hearts surely are big enough! Wouldn't a darling baby sister be the icing of the cake along with the sweet brothers?)

  5. I sure hope this kid isn't in Serbia or Ukraine -- countries in which the photolisting of children AND the pre-selection of children for adoption are TOTALLY ILLEGAL. Even if you think (as I assume you do$ god is on your side and wants this kid adopted!!

  6. Too bad single parents or gay couples will not be considered for these kids.

  7. I am actually doing a fundraiser for her right now...i would love to talk with you about her if you could email me at i would really appreciate it...she has been on my mind and heart lately and by chance i just happened to come on to your blog and saw this post about blog is to raise funds and find her family asap!!!!


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