Sunday, April 8, 2012

Many Firsts

Happy Easter! He is risen! 

What a full weekend we had.
John was given a surf board by a coworker.
So of course he was eager to go to the beach.  On Saturday we headed on over to Newport Beach.  It was packed and after circling the parking lot near the pier three times, we decided to head up to Huntington Beach.  Except for the stress of driving around with the gas light on wondering if we were going to run out of gas, and realizing that the parking attendants don't take cards-- the trip was awesome!

Adam getting ready to skim board.

Julia helping Anna to stand on the surf board.
Brrrr, too cold for me!
William and I dug this deep hole.
Dennis and Alex enjoyed playing in it.
"Where is Dennis?"
"Roarrrrrr!  Here I am!"
Here is Julia on the surfboard.  She is too funny.  Earlier this morning John asked her to sew a velcro strap for the tether.  She didn't hesitate designing one and using the sewing machine to make it.  It was so cute.  Mom-- you'd have been proud!

Anastasia had lots of fun at the beach.
We took turns burying each others feet to see if we could jump out.
A quick story.  As I was packing towels for the beach Dennis comes into the linen closet to ask me when we were going to the beach.  I told him I wasn't sure.  He asked again.  I told him I didn't know... maybe in an hour.  I guess he didn't like my answer because he said, "How come you don't know?  You should know.  You are in charge.  You get to say when we go.  So how come you don't know?"

After the beach we went out to dinner.  Grandma and Grandpa were with us as well as Caleb's girlfriend.  Since they were leaving in the morning and we would miss spending Easter with them, it was nice having dinner together.  I especially appreciated the no cooking!
When we got home, William got sick all over the floor of the loft.  Thankfully it was not food poisoning or the stomach flu coming on-- he simply over ate.  Never before had I been able to scoop up vomit like I did last night.  Hey-- another parenting first. :)

This Easter was also a weekend of firsts.
It was the first time we didn't dye eggs.
With Spring break no where near Easter and our unexpected trip to the beach-- we just didn't have time.
I also didn't make up goodie bags to for the kids to wake up too.
Long story.  I hope to get around to it this week.
Anyway, the day was still nice with much to celebrate.
And there were so many donuts left over after church that we brought home enough to have for lunch.
Then we planted trees, flowers, and a little garden. :)
And to end the day--- we had banana splits with the works!

Happy Easter!  Hallelujah that we have such an amazing Lord and Savior!  He paid the price.  He is enough.   He is risen!


  1. Dennis has great logic!!! : ) ooks like fun. . .reminds me of when I was a kid--I was born n Newport Beach and spent the first 10 years of my life hanging out there and in Balboa every weekend. Happy Easter!!!

  2. It sounds and looks like your family had a wonderful day!

    Sorry to hear about William getting sick. I have to ask...Does this happen often with him? I only ask because my son has a hard time realizing when his mouth is full and when his tummy is full and so he often (like on an almost daily basis) throws up. Also if he finishes eating and smells or sees other people's food he often will gag or get sick. He is getting a little better about it as he gets older but still has more issues than I think he should. He has sensory processing issues and so I have always wondered if he has issues with these things because of that.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  3. We will see a pic of caleb and his girlfriend?

  4. Hi! My flowers are not doing so well. I even planted bulb flowers.In Erie we recently had a frost so that did not help the flowers. But while we had them they were beautiful and my children loved watching them bloom and smelling the flowers were a nice treat. Pat

  5. Wow, Adam has grown! He looks like a man in that photo. Love hearing about the fun your family has. :)

  6. We were down in your area for Spring Break (the week before Easter). Some friends of ours introduced us to the beach at Crystal Cove (south of Huntington and Newport). We LOVED it. Our other favorite beach in that area is Corona del Mar. Have you been to either of them?

    Looks like you all had a fun day.

    :) :) :)


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