Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Monday!

I cut Julia., Anna, and Anastasia's hair the other night.  But first Julia let Anna practice by cutting off a few inches of her hair.
Anastasia is tickled pink with the way her hair came out.
"Who is going to give Mama a haircut?" I asked.  Wanting a change, I drove to the first haircut place we found and voila-- here is what $16 got me!
Honestly I feel like a million bucks with the new do so the money was well worth it!
One of my kids said, "Mom now you look young!"

Today two of the girls baked banana muffins.
Of all things they forgot the flour!

This picture is such a big deal.  Dennis now drinks through a straw like it is no big deal.
But little does he know-- It is a huge deal... a big milestone in his life.

I came home from taking Caleb to the dentist to see Annalyn dressed like this.
Looks like Jack Sparrow!

Here is the back of Alex's head.  It is about healed.  I gave him a trim all over last night so that the back would not look so obvious.
In another month he'll be good as new!

Galina can now make wonderful bread all by herself!
Andrew and Jonny picking out two pieces of candy after school.


  1. Love all the pictures, and LOVE your haircut! You look great!

  2. Love the muffins!!! I can laugh - we've done that sort of thing at our house enough times! :) Don't worry, ladies, you'll be laughing about it for years!

  3. Go Dennis! I remember so clearly the first time my son was able to use a straw. He still struggles with rigid ones from water bottles, but he can use the normal ones just fine. Hooray!

  4. Looks like your family got more done in one Monday than I do in a week....always fun to peek through the "blog window" and see what fun things your family is doing. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your hairdo!! Hey- have you mentioned in the past that you make the 5 minute artisian bread? Or what is it that you make? I'm not having luck with the artisian, after it goes in the fridge. Anyway- I so enjoy your blog!!

  6. Love your new do, Christine! True that a good haircut can name one feel like a million bucks! for $16!

    : )

  7. great haircuts!! You do look younger - way too young to have almost 17 children (lol)!!!

  8. Your new haircut looks great, Christine! And a good deal at $16, too!

  9. Hi!You are good at cutting hair. Your hair is really cute. Good luck on your up coming travels, Pat

  10. Ok...the forgotten flour is just to funny :)


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