Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Hot

It's been a hot weekend.  Not only did John and I take the kids swimming yesterday, but today during our community group time the kids played with squirt guns and water balloons.  It's way too hot for mid-April!

Julia picked our first strawberry this evening.  I thought it was pretty pathetic.  Probably doesn't like the heat either. :)

Hope you all had a great weekend! 


  1. Hi! In my neck of the woods it is suppose to snow this week. We have been blessed with a mild winter .I plan on going strawberry picking this year with my daughters. I think they will love it. Good luck on your up coming trip. Pat

  2. Perhaps you should consider a move to upstate NY? While it was in the upper 70's on Friday, many of us are now blessed with snow. Somehow, it has managed to miss us so far, but a few miles south they are enjoying a snow day.

    This is very bad for the fruit trees which were tricked into blooming early. :(

  3. It's been hot here. Fortunately, it's cooling off. Got my first flat of strawberries from a road-side stand, Christine. Do they grow them down there?

  4. We got some of the snow that Martha mentioned, but no snow day for my kids. It was basically just a slushy mess this morning an melted by noon. It is unseasonably cool here though, which is odd because we had an extremely mild winter with a beautiful week of summer in mid March. Some of our fruit crop has been lost due to budding in March and then freezing temperatures. :( We will be paying a lot for cherries, apples, and grapes this summer I'm afraid.

  5. Yep. 100 degrees here for the last couple days. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather coming in with a storm later this week!


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