Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Almost the Weekend

Everything is going pretty well over here right now.

We have been doing lots of spring cleaning. 

We planted flowers a few weekends ago.  I noticed that the marigolds were not doing well.  I figured it was the heat untl I got a closer look.  Sure enough it was snails eating my flowers!  So much for letting them be.  Tonight I went out and saw about 10 of them having a field day on the remaining flowers.   Now there are no more marigolds. . . or snails.

After all these years, Rachel finally likes marshmallows. 

Adam is going to Magic Mountain (through school) tomorrow.

Before we travel to Ukraine and as the school year wraps up, I wanted to do one special thing with the kids.  We are going to go see a matinee of Chimpanzee this weekend.  Can't wait! :)


  1. So much for following your gods footsteps and loving all creatures. Sigh. Poor snails.

  2. I hear snails love beer. If you leave out a bowl of beer out overnight they will crawl in and die

  3. Hi!Snails are small but can really hurt plants.I had to get an expert from the local nursery to check out my plants when they were dying. Good luck, Pat

  4. I hear you need to bring along a hankie to see Chimpanzee.

    Marilyn in Canada

  5. You can also use egg shells (you eat lots of them ;-) diamateous earth to get rid of snails. The DE must be dry though. It hinders the snails by preventing them from getting to your plants. They don't like going through it because it dries them out and makes them die.


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