Thursday, April 12, 2012

He Had An Itch

People sometimes ask if Paul, Jonny, and Andrew are twins.   They have the same hair color, and are all about the same size, but no, they are not twins.
The three of them can drive me crazy.  One minute they are the three musketeers, and the next they are fighting.  They often disagree about two square, and baseball.

Speaking of baseball, Jonny was hit on the side of his eye yesterday.  Thankfully it wasn't too bad.
Tonight John and I were supposed to be in three places all at one time.  After talking to the counseling office at the high school we ruled out Adam's gig-- an informational meeting about dual enrollment to earn both college credit and high school credit next year.  He went by himself and brought back the packet.  So, John took half the kids to Andrew's baseball game, and I took the other half to watch Dennis sing about Metamorphosis in his kindergarten program. 
We all thought he was cute as a bug.
He sang so loud!
Everything was great until we noticed that he slipped his hand in his pants during the program-- right there on stage!
The poor guy had an itch he said.
That darn eczema!
Today Alex had a pre-op with the pediatric general surgeon for his Appendicostomy.  
Before the surgeon came in can you believe a nurse came in to ask for Alex's adoption decree.
You better believe I was upset.  I recently filed a complaint with this hospital for the way we were treated back in December during Alex's last surgery.  I was assured that this topic would be addressed.
Since I had offered the decree at the morning of his surgery back in December and the staff didn't want to see it or take a copy of it, I figured it wouldn't be brought up anymore.
But it was. And as I explained things to the nurse she proceeded to ask three more times for the decree.  As if she didn't hear what I was saying.  At that point, I was ready to walk out and all I remember saying was that if she continued to make big deal about this she would see my fury.  
Pshhh, what was I thinking?
But she left quietly so I guess what I said worked.
Shortly thereafter the surgeon came in, explained the procedure, and then a nurse went over all of the pre-op info.  We are scheduling this surgery at the end of June or early July.

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  1. I love reading your blog :-)

    Can you tell me what the name of the font is on your adoption blog? It's kind of like how I print ... so I like it but that doesn't look like a font we have (yet).

    'Looking forward to receiving the puzzle pieces.

    Gave dd the bible book I won in the auction and she LOVES it! I found a great bible story book at COSTCO for ds today, so that worked out perfectly.

    MariaG (Canada)

  2. They sure do look alot alike!

    Dennis is so cute! :)

    What is it with this hospital? That is harrassment. Can you get a legal letter sent to them regarding this?

  3. This adoption decree stuff baffles me. I realize you guys are in a different state, but we have never been asked for any adoption decrees, etc. As long as the child is on your insurance they don't seem to care about anything else. Do they ask for the birth certificates for your bio kids when you go? (I'm asking that seriously--I can't figure out the difference!)

  4. I can relate to your outrage. The large dentist office that sees our kids has made comments from time to time, at the time of our appts., that the child needs to come with their adoption paperwork, although they never have actually asked for it when we have arrived. (I haven't brought it.) This last time we were worked in for an emergency visit, and the receptionist told me over the phone that we could not be late, it couldn't be rescheduled, and the child needed to be accompanied by "a natural parent." That TOTALLY ticked me off- and then I remembered that this WAS one of my "natural" children!

    This must have some precedent in some custody cases, but I get so ticked, and it comes up up with some regularity. I would certainly expect more sense with a hospital. Perhaps you ought to ask for the hospital's "risk manager" by name, and that'll get their attention!

  5. Those three boys do all resemble each other! I love Jonny's freckles in that close-up!

  6. I'm a nurse. I currently work in a hospital and years ago I worked in a pediatrician's office. And I'm an adoptive mom. I totally don't get the request for the adoption decree!!!! This needs to be addressed. Ask to speak to the patient representative!

  7. Too funny about Dennis! Before our Kindergarten program (years ago), my friend's mom told him to make sure his pants were zipped before we went onstage. He was one of the shortest in class, so the teacher had him stand in the front row. He spent the ENTIRE program checking his zipper to make sure it was still up. Funny now, but his poor mom was SO embarrassed. :)


  8. That is so funny about Dennis! My girls were peeking over my shoulder and asked if Paul and Andrew were twins! They all look very much alike.

  9. Hi! I have been asked for adoption decrees and name change court orders that had to be signed by a judge before my child could be treated in a hospital or doctor office. I was told it had to be wilth the new hippa laws and liability.I know it is up seting to say the least but it is getting it is getting more and more common to be asked these things. Good luck Pat

  10. Christine,
    I have commented about this when you mentioned the adoption decree thing before. I have been a hospital nurse for a long time. Please find out why they are asking you for this; it's inappropriate and driving me crazy!!

    If seeing the decree is so important to this facility, then the document should be examined ONCE and this should be duly noted on the chart. You should not be harassed for this over and over and over.

    I'm ashamed of these nurse who won't take you to the side and explain why they need to see the adoption decree.


  11. The adoption decree thing annoys me to no end too. I truly don't get it.

    Your boys are all such cuties. Dennis looks like he did great singing! What a joy!

  12. I'm not in the medical profession but using common sense, I cannot think of one reason why they would need the adoption degree.

    I agree with the other commentors -ask for a meeting with someone at the hospital like the attorney, CEO, or some other high level authority who can explain WHY its required. If its legit, then provide it once and no more.

    Your kids are all adorable! Your boys do look like triplets!

    Cheryl in ID


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