Monday, April 9, 2012

Enjoying Sweets!

John took this picture of us girls on Easter morning.
We feel blessed to have so many beautiful daughters. 

Last night we made banana splits.
After I made the first one-- many of the other kids wanted me to make theirs too.
I was surprised that most of the kids ate their whole banana split!
What surprised me even more was when Caleb told me he would not eat a whole one again because it was too much.  Normally he wants seconds, thirds, or fourths on dessert!
Anastasia must have hugged me 4 or 5 times when she saw the dessert.  She could hardly believe her eyes.
Dennis found something to complain about of course-- it's a new stage he is going through.
"Oh, you don't want your dessert?"  I said as I began to take it away. He began to rev up for a jump up and down whine fest but I told him he could be thankful and happy for what he was given or he could go to bed without having dessert.  Like a switch, he immediately got happy and decided he wanted to eat his ice-cream after all.  And you know what-- he lived eating it with a regular size spoon instead of a big serving spoon.
Prior to having ice-cream, the kids went swimming so Sveta was a little cold.
For dinner tonight, Julia wanted to play a little joke on Dennis by serving his dinner on this little frisbee like plate.  He was a good sport about it.
After dinner, we handed out Easter packages filled with Easter candy.  The kids were very appreciative.
They traded each other for their favorites.
John received this new Starbucks t-shirt.  He has been a partner for a few months now.
Alex was enjoying his candy when I finally told him enough was enough and I began to clean him up.  He asked if I could help him with the last one he was eating.  I was happy to let him finish it as I poured the pop rock candy into his mouth.  The popping made him gag and he proceeded to vomit all over my hand.  Oh boy!  I guess he doesn't like that kind!
But Jonny does!


  1. That part about Alex barfing on your hand made me chuckle. Barfing is part of my daughter's syndrome, so it is all over, all the time. (she is only on milk based formula, so it isn't that gross) it totally grosses out other people though. What grosses ME out is when my five year old has to pee when we are in the car, so I hold the cup for him, and he pees on my hand. That is uber nasty! What we won't do for our kids!

  2. Sevta's hair is getting so long and pretty. It really suits her well. Starbucks partner? What does that mean he like's coffee a lot?

    We don't do much in the sweets department for Easter. The kids sunday school teachers just LOADS them all up. We did get them cute baskets that have hat's in them this year, cute fishing like hats.

  3. I have one who must be going through a complaining phase too. Never thought of it as a phase but that gives me hope : ) If a school skirt or a pair of shorts don't fit exactly in the waist, she starts whining about it and doesn't want to wear them. The thing is, most of them have the elastic inside and I had adjusted them all but she unfastened them all so that everything is too big. I told her a couple of days ago that now when a clothing item makes her unhappy, I will simply bag it up for someone who will want it and when she's out of clothes, she'll have to figure out what to wear!! Funny how picky she is when in the orphanage they just handed out the clothes. On the first visit she was two & 30 lbs and was crammed into a 9 mo old outfit that we couldn't get her back out of. The next trip her skirt was falling off and we had to pin it to the shirt it was so big. (We took clothes for the twins but they had on orphanage clothes when we arrived).

  4. Where did you get the table? I just bought two just like that from craigslist, and I would like to buy more matching chairs, but I don't know where to find them! I have them both with the leaf in , pushed together, to seat 12.

  5. I mean the table that Galina and Anna are eating ice cream at, with the black-backed chairs.

  6. How on earth are you able to afford so many children and such a nice big house on John's Starbucks Salary? (just curious, not meant to offend)

  7. I know i'm late on the dennis/exema post but I wanted to send a note about a product i've heard RAVE reviews about. Kids with SEVERE food allergies/exema have completely cleared from the exema. It's a home based business Arbonne. The baby line is FANTASTIC for ANYONE with exema. the lotion and the oil. Give it a try it may surprise you(I don't sell it, I don't use it but I've heard plenty about it.)

  8. You should get a picture of Julia with her dad, she looks EXACTLY like him. Her and Adam do.

  9. What a nice Easter! You make me think of banana splits for dinner.....

    When I was a little girl there was something called "Fizzies" which was a drink-making tablet that like an alka-seltzer, fizzed and bubbled, except when you were done, you had a kool-aid type drink. I can't imagine why they don't make those anymore. I do remember someone telling me they were so nice to put in your mouth - the result is similar to pop-rocks. I had the same reaction Alex did! Yuck!

  10. Um... maybe I'm late to the party... but... did I count more girls on the stairs than normal?? :)
    Wonderful picture, by the way!! :)

  11. Tavi LOVES pop rocks. She is blind, but I think she would get just as much joy from them if she had sight! ;)

  12. Hi!At the Ukraine church we attend my daughter had a part in a Easter Day presentation that the children did. The children have been practicing for awhile. I loved seeing her to her part.I feel so blessed. Pat


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