Sunday, April 29, 2012


As a fun activity for snack time this past Friday, I showed the kids how to open a coconut.
They all tasted the water which none of them liked very much.
After I finished draining it, the kids took it outside and threw it down.
It cracked open.
Then I showed them how to peel it.

Over the weekend, we had Grandma and Grandpa over. 
Saturday night they treated with pizza!
We added a delicious green and fruit salad and dinner was done!
John and a few of the kids helped move my Mom in with my Aunt.
Let's just say, we have a garage full right now.
The kids have made the garage their new hang out place.
After our community group ended, the kids wanted to eat the last coconut.
After they got all the meat out, they grated, then pureed it with milk so they could have coconut milk.


  1. I've never seen a white coconut! Way cool!!
    Hugs, JEB

  2. there are lots of coconut trees in Malaysia.. coconut is very common here because every part of the tree has their own use.. you should try coconut jelly..u must like it so much :)

  3. We like coconut over here, and we really like to cook with coconut oil.

  4. Here's an interesting fact- When I was in Vietnam on a school trip, they gave us coconuts to drink from on the little boat we were on. They collected what was left and it was turned into "fuel" for the boat.

  5. Did you cut your hair again? Looks cute!!!

    Fun times!!!


  6. I found your blog last summer, and would read it for hours at a time, but I stopped around Oct/Nov and haven't been back since--until today. I am so shocked to see how much everyone has grown, even in just these few months!! I loved the pic of Julia, Anna, and Anastasia where you just cut their hair. Anastasia, especially, looks so different; she could pass for 14 or even 15 in that one, I think! ;)

    I am also so happy to hear that you are adopting again. Praying for that whole process!



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