Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We're Sick

Alex woke up crying, "Mom!  Mommy! Mommy!" late Sunday night.  Needing to be changed... and running a fever I counted my blessings when he swallowed the fever reducing pill with ease avoiding an extra trip over to my bathroom in the middle of the night to get the chewables.  After a big glass of water, I tucked Alex back into bed and ran the diaper downstairs out to the trash on the side of the house.  As I tiptoed back up the stairs I heard, "Mom!  Mommy!" again.  He was sick with diarrhea and like I had first suspected it was going to be a long night.

That was how my week started, and like the domino effect, Dennis, Annalyn, and now myself are all sick.   No fun.  As Dennis' fever rose, I tried to give him some medicine to swallow-- but he wouldn't have it.  Poor guy couldn't swallow it and as the pill lost its coating and filled his mouth with a bitter taste it was so bad of me to laugh.  But it was funny!  And laughter at the moment was the best medicine.  I had him spit it out and gave him chewables instead-- which he was thankful for.

Today the kids' teacher came out and went over all their work.  She bought two pairs of earrings.  Later, I took Rachel and Anna to the dentist.  Praise the Lord neither of them had any cavities but Rachel needs her wisdom teeth pulled.  She is scheduled to have two of them pulled at the end of this month with general anesthesia.  It will be her first time getting put to sleep and she is a bit nervous. 

Now I'm off to bed in hopes that the extra sleep will do me well.  I hope the boys are well enough to go to school!  If they are still even a little bit sick I will keep them home.  The school is quick to call and insist that I come pick them up with just the slightest cough-- it is not worth going through the motions of sending them only to have to come and pick them up an hour later.


  1. Hi! That flu type illness that is going around is awful. It may take awhile to clear up and might return. I wish you luck and a good nights sleep. Pat

  2. Oh Christine, get well soon....
    YOU and everyone else! Being a MOm and being sick is AWFUL...

    HOWEVER, I can not help say what? at the general anesthesia....perhaps it is common in the U.S....but they would never think of putting someone to sleep to pull a molar here! With just local novacaine, it is more enough....even for my 3 yr old...who unfortunately had to have one out...

    just saying...

    Anyway I hope that Rachel´s visit goes smoothly! Any dentist work is usually the pits!


  3. Praying for healing in your family. May you all stay strong in the Lord and bind together as a family through this illness. Even though I didn't like my kids to be sick, I do have good memories of watching them encourage one another and take care of one another. Family illness can teach kids to serve and love others, and learn to see and meet needs.

    But STILL.....I long for you to get well. It is so draining when even Mommy is sick.

  4. Having wisdom teeth out is very different to an ordinary molar as they are usually impacted and have to be taken out in pieces. Keep frozen veggies - peas are best - in small freezer bags and put them on the swollen area. I found this worked with my 2 girsl. Good luck and feel better soo.

  5. I'm sorry you're sick. I have two sick little girls, too. Fortunately, it's just fever and the goopies. No diarrhea. Hope you get better soon!

  6. So sorry you are all sick. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. Why not call it just smiles, if you delete the trials blog posts. I am confused on why it was deleted, it was a very well written blog post that might have helped others.

  8. Sorry you're not feeling well. Prayers for a speedy recovery. I haven't been on your blog in a couple months and I tuned in this week to check to see if you were going to attend Christian Alliance for Orphans - Orphan Summit VIII at Saddleback Church in S. Cali. I will be attending with my pastor's wife - we're flying all the way from upstate NY.

    Also, I notice that you're in the process of adopting 2 precious ones through Reese's Rainbow! Please share the story behind that when you get a chance. Thank you for all you do advocating for orphans!


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