Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'm thankful for Vic's Vapor Rub this morning.  I have this deep, persistent, lingering cough that makes my head pound.  It was really bad about 4 in the morning so I got up and lathered Vapor rub all over my chest and neck.  I was able to finally get some peace and rest for 2 1/2 hours.

Adam received an award at last night's school board meeting for scoring in the top 1% in the nation on a math test.  Based on his grades, he has also been asked to be a a Junior Honor Escort at Senior Graduation Night.  Way to go Adam! We are so proud of you!

Paul is attending a 2/3 grade combo class during the day.  He still has recess and lunch with his peers-- but is learning at his level.  Finally, he is making progress.  The main thing is that he is more confident and seems so much happier!

Our one daughter's behavior is in full swing this week again.  I showed some grace--- let her stay up an hour later one night, and John did the dishes for her another-- and it back fired.  All of a sudden she was demanding we lift all her consequences for prior behavior or else.  Sorry sweetie, it doesn't work that way.

Anastasia is sick.  She asks John and I to pray with her all the time.  She is so faithful.

Alex continues to have his ups and downs with school.  One day he will scream and kick and refuse to do work along with dragging his feet, knocking down chairs, chewing nails down to the quick, and eating slow if at all.  The next day he will have a great day at school, show no new evidence of feet dragging, eat all his lunch, and be very productive with his homework.  Most days are a struggle with him, but yesterday was a good one.  I  love those days!

Andrew is in baseball.  He is one of the pitchers.  It is neat to see him grow with each practice and game. I shocked the kids with how many goodies I bought for his games.  Instead of going to the snack bar and spending three times as much on snacks, I stocked up at the 99 cent store.

Thank you Lord for being with me.  Thank you for giving me strength when I had none.  Thank you for the hope I have in you.  Thank you for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my children.  Please give me even more patience, and help me to determine when holding my tongue will be better than arguing back.

Parenting in this last month has been very humbling.  No matter how strong I appear to be, I still feel like I am failing.  It is amazing how one or two children can make me feel so inadequate even though there are 13 that show evidence of beautiful fruit.  Shame on me.  It isn't about me.  I am realizing that I cannot control my kids' behavior 100%.  I can guide them, nurture them, pray for them, and be a role model, but that doesn't mean that they still won't go and do what pleases them.  Of course I want them to choose what is right, but I can't make them.  All I can do, is continue to be a stable, loving parent.
In the midst of all this, a few of my daughters have thrived as a result.  They used to have the same kind of attitude and behavior-- and now they see themselves in their sister as if they are watching a reality show.   They see what is going on and think back to when they were in our one daughter's shoes.  They side with me.  They see the craziness of it all and how certain behaviors are very destructive.  This is God at work always using our weakness for good.  He is so full of grace.
Hope all of you are having a great week with your kids!


  1. I"m sorry you guys are feeling lousy. We're not doing well ourselves. I've got a raging sinus infection. Thankfully I'll go to the dr. today. Love Vics. That stuff works wonders!
    Hope you all feel better soon!

  2. I too often need to remember that eleven of our thirteen are thriving, growing, learning and choosing good (for the most part).

    The enemy would like to whisper lies about my parenting when it comes to our two toughies...but I resist--knowing where that road leads me.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I'm glad you can see the progress in the girls and that they can see their old behaviors and how goofy they were. I know how hard it is when you are in the middle of it. I bet there are some days you want to send them all to bed at 4 p.m. : )

  4. Might sound strange but we do this all the time and it really works. :) Try putting vicks on the bottoms of your feet at night, cover with socks to sleep. You'd be amazed. I even do this on my 2 year old. :)
    I think all parents feel inadequate at times. This past week felt like I was hitting my head against a wall not getting anywhere with my lil miss pre-teen. Then there are other times everything seems to run smoothly and all is well. Hormones...what wonderful (Awful) things. :)

  5. So totally relate - thank you for sharing so that I can be uplifted with my daughter that "rocks the boat" more than floats it....I appreciate you being real and pray God's strength as you continue to do his calling!

  6. Good to see that your other kids can see what's going on. Thanks for the reminder that it's not about us as parents, ultimately.

  7. I've never tried this, but I've heard vicks slathered thickly on the bottoms of the feet with heavy socks over, is a great cough prevention.


  8. We do Vicks on feet too :-). Hop you are on the mend.

  9. Praying for your healing and for continued wisdom for parenting your children. We have one that takes more parenting energy than our other three combined :).
    Great job Adam! (Paul and Andrew too!)

  10. Get well soon, Christine! I have been up since 2 a.m. with my 11 yr old throwing up and going to the bathroom (and not getting there in time ALOT of times)....So I was upi at 4 a.m. too...and at 2,3,5,6....UGH!

    As fro the struggles with one daughter, very very cool that the others see and side with you...: ))
    That shows you are going in the right direction...

  11. God bless all of you. You are all in my prayers. . .

  12. Just do the best you can and let God do the rest!

  13. Hi!That sickness cold -flu like thing that is going around is awful I have taken my children to the doctors this month. The doctor stated it must just run its course. Good luck Pat

  14. I was reading this earlier and now that I read your post and saw that you're sick, thought I'd share: She also has a post on using garlic paste on the feet. I'm definitely trying this next time any of us get sick!

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon. And you are doing an awesome job as a mom, I have no clue how you manage it! I'm going bonkers with just three. :S

  15. I am the mother of only one 3 year old child but I have found that the best way for my son to learn the difference between good and poor choices is to witness someone else making a poor choice. Best example was when his friend ran away from his mommy in a parking lot and almost got hit by a car. Thankfully his friend was fine but my son never leaves my side now! Glad to see that something good can come from a rough patch in your parenting! Love reading about your family, it is such an inspiration to me!

  16. I only have two children, but I also have had to learn the humbling lesson that I can't control all their behavior. I do my best to model what I would like them to be, and I provide consequences when they do things that are wrong, but I can't stop them from making mistakes. I wish you all the best with your efforts at loving discipline.


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