Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So how's Rachel?

Rachel no longer has anemia!
Her hemoglobin is now 14.4.
Still, we are having a full lab work up done this morning to check for iron reserves and and other things but over all-- her health has improved!
She is still getting lots of headaches (3-4 a week that we thought would improve with more iron) so she will also be having a cat scan this month.
And tomorrow she will have 2 of her wisdom teeth pulled.
She is such a trooper though.
But, can you keep her in your prayers?


  1. That's a lot to deal with at once.

  2. Good for her! Head aches can also be from eye issues.

  3. Will pray for Rachel! I can definitely understand the headache thing... I used to get them that often or more, and still get them a few times each month, at least.

  4. In addition to eye problems occasionally causing headaches, tooth problems can, too.

    Don't forget to keep the ice packs on her jaw after the extractions. I did not, and ended up with chip monk cheeks and big bruises. (I had all four wisdom teeth removed at once.)

    Keeping your beautiful daughter in my thoughts and prayers as she goes through this next round of lab tests and dental work. None of that is fun - she is a trooper.


  5. I was also getting headaches 3-4 x's a week--started going to a chiropractor and never had one again! May be worth a try if the cat scan finds nothing...

    Will pray for her!


  6. From personal experience I can highly recommend trying a chiropractor. It made a difference for me!!!

  7. Agree with the other lady. There are tons of nerves in your jaws - when you mouth is crowded you can definately get headaches.

  8. Hi!It really does take a whole village to do an adoption. Your babies are so cute .Pat

  9. Hi!I will pray for your daughter. I am glad the headaches decreased.I take my children to the chiropractor often. It is well worth the money for the office visits. Pat

  10. I sure will!

    And just to addd my 2 cents....Christine, when I was her age, I had aot of problems with headaches.....with age they just went away but for a time I remember having some really strong pills to take when I got them...I know I went to the Dr. and he prescribed them...
    Anyway, They just disappeared as I got older..

    I hope the same holds true for Rachel!

  11. Christine, I have been wondering about Anastasia and Paul....How are they doing? Are they talking fluent english yet? When you can, could you give us an update? Thanks...

    So excited about Doyle and Fischer btw!!! I would have loved to bid on some of the stuff you auction but the shipping overseas is $$$$$...

  12. I had headaches for years and they turned out to be allergies. The new allergy meds like Zertech(sp?) took care of them

  13. Hopefully the wisdom teeth being out will help with the headaches, tooth problems often cause them and it would be great if you could kill two birds with one stone.

    Hope she feels better soon!


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