Friday, March 16, 2012

One of A Kind

Dennis loves sweets!  He will eat a whole bowl of batter if we let him try! 
William loves fried potatoes.  He will peel 20 pounds of potatoes if I will fry them. 
The kids request Julia's banana muffins all the time.  She started the tradition of making a batch of mini muffins first so that everyone can taste test them while the big muffins bake.
Dennis plays by himself so well!  He especially loves anything having to do with cars.  Just a while earlier this rug was in his room and he dragged it down to the kitchen so he could play but still be with everyone else.
Anastasia is in the middle of a knitting project.
William loves being outdoors.  He makes up all sorts of "ball" games.
We let the dogs in the house on the rug by the back door.  It is a special treat for them to be inside. The other day I gave Dolly a haircut.  Sveta is still talking about it.
Dennis and Alex playing together before school. 
I made two kinds of Jello the other day.  I joked with Rachel about how cool I was by putting the orange Jello in the orange bowl and strawberry Jello in the pink bowl.  She wasn't very impressed.
Adam loves playing guitar.  He is a very gifted musician.
Today I met with our new potential family doctor.  I chose him because he is the only doctor that I found in our area that doesn't belong to a medical group.  He was nice and all-- but I didn't feel that click with him that I was hoping for.  I'm probably expecting too much.  Our last family doctor was so amazing-- he made the kids laugh, he was very supportive of adoption, he took what I said always into consideration, he was confident in his work, and his bedside manner was kind, friendly, laid back, and patient oriented. His whole staff always made me feel like each one of our kids was unique and special.  The kids loved him too.  I didn't realize until today that his office was comfortable too.  I have yet to find all these things in another family practice doctor.   This has bummed me out for sometime now.  The office I went to today is in a very upscale part of Redlands-- and while the office is very nice, it was a little too rich for my blood.  I felt like Dennis might break something. 
I wish this doctor thing wasn't such a big deal to me, but it is.
Lord, please give me peace about this whole doctor thing.


  1. I understand about the doctors. We are seen on base and I am often switched between doctors but it's been a long time since I felt like someone really had an interest in my health issues. I'm middle aged and the wife of a retired enlisted member so very little status and sometimes it shows. The kids have a good pediatrician thankfully.

  2. Christine, Dennis is looking so grown up! :)

    Keep looking for that right doctor. It really is important! We have been fortunate to have the same doctor for 20 years, and then to find another one that was much like him and even more layed back, for the last 3 years. They are HARD to find!
    Can you interview doctors? That is what we did. I don't pay for an interview. I was able to Email our second doctor and converse with his office manager/secretary/LVN.
    there are only 2 of them in the office)
    And we made our decision based upon our conversations.

  3. Keep on searching for the right doctor- it is SO worth it to find the right one!

    On Adam- did you know math and music activity come from the same part of the brain? Amazing coincidence? I think not!!! :)

    Love these little windows on your family!

  4. Hi!My family has been with the a great family practice for many years. The practice has two nurses who are super and also treat patients.When I was looking for a family practice I was looking for a practice who would treat special needs children .It is very hard to find any practice that will treat a family who has many special needs children. I have a very good relationship with the staff at our family practice group. In your area do you have any rural areas that have country doctors. Good luck Pat

  5. Hey Christine! Maybe look and see if you insurance allows you to see Dr. Katiraei in Loma Linda. He is a great Dr!

  6. I totally understand about the doctor! It's so important to have a really good doctor, especially when you have kids with special needs. My husband gets a little annoyed by my vetoing doctor after doctor, but we now have the perfect team, a surgeon and a gp who not only understand Dorian's issues, they are both really good at listening and genuinely like our kids.

  7. I recently moved, and in looking for a new dentist I went to yelp!! I love yelp for everything--- and I find a lot of the time the reviews are right on.


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