Monday, March 19, 2012

Off This Week

The kids are on Spring Break.  I'm not sure when Spring Break stopped being at Easter, but it is what it is.  Actually the home schoolers have next week off, but we are taking this week off instead so all the kids could enjoy their time off together.  Rachel isn't though because she has school work due this week and that is just as well since she is having 2 of her wisdom teeth pulled next week anyway.

The kids are into playing card games right now--  specifically War and Battle Ship.
John is not home this evening and I still have a cough so I made a big pot of Top Ramen for dinner.  Galina was my helper.  She opened up all the packets for me.  For the 16 of us, fourteen packs of noodles was just about right.  And despite how crazy easy dinner was, the kids were still thankful.  
Afterwards we had Ranger Cookie ice-cream sandwiches.  That made the kids smile!
Rachel and her threek.
Annalyn is so photogenic!
Julia bought a Sponge Bob drawing game with her babysitting money.  The kids really enjoy playing it.  Galina has been playing solitaire-- another card game.  William is getting over being sick.
Dennis is still battling eczema.  We went to a new doctor this past Friday.  He ordered a blood test that will test for egg, milk, peanut, shellfish, soybean, strawberry, and wheat allergies.  He also gave us a new prescription of cream.  If the blood test comes back normal we will see a dermatologist next.  For the doctors it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I just can't stand to see him suffer.
The toilet paper on his knee is covering up his bloody wart.  It is about to come off so it is bleeding around the edge.  When he asked me what is going to happen to his wart, I told him it would fall off in a few days.  That crazy boy cried because he doesn't want to lose his wart.
The other day I picked up Super Master Mind from the thrift store.  Adam and I have been having so much fun playing it.  To continue our special one on one time today he went with me to run some errands.  After picking up prescriptions we got some ice-cream.  My boy is not so little anymore-- we talked about him taking the SATs in June and college.  

Gotta go-- Adam wants to play another game of Master Mind. :)


  1. Caleb and i LOVE Mastermind! I didn't even know they had a "super"version!
    I am in your area this week but with 14 of my closest co-workers. Wish I could stop by and enjoy your Spring Break!
    So glad you got your I-171h! Praying for you!

  2. Aack! That eczema looks crazy itchy. Doctors are so blase about things that they see every day. It makes me bonkers. I hope Dennis says good bye to his wart soon. Silly boy. Good for you for trying to stay on top of it and not giving up. You have many excuses for forgetting about it.

  3. You need to research GAPS diet for Dennis. My 2 yo broke out in eczema last summer. I put him both my boys on the diet and it cleared up. It took a bit of time but it was immediately obvious that the diet would help.

    Another great option would be to take him to Recovery Systems in Mills Valley/San Fran. Very knowledgeable people and very gifted in healing!

  4. Is there such thing a Wart Fairy? ;)

    I know I've probably mentioned it before, but over-the-counter Sarna lotion is very soothing to the itchies. It won't cure the eczema, but it'll feel good! Put a patch of Saran Wrap over the worst parts (over the cream).

  5. Hey, have you thought about checking the Ingredients on all the processed food you buy, maybe there could be some allergy issues? I know in Europe all the artificial food coloring is illegal and is known for a lot of allergy problems! We are trying to eat as little processed food as possible and just the other day I eliminated Raman Noodles and was chocked to find the list of ingredients to be so long for such a simple product
    Best Regards

  6. Good Lord! Poor Dennis, I feel very sorry for him, I see myself in him with eczema covering my legs and face, and boy it really hurt! One of the craziest suggestion I was given when the rush was really large, itchy and bleedy was not to wash myself too much, I know it is yucky, but it helped. Actually the pharmacist told me: don't wash yourself unless you stink... He is off school this week... maybe is the right time to give it a try...

  7. My son has eczema too. Not nearly as bad as Dennis does. That has to be painful. We started using a new soap on him, goat milk soap. It took care of all his eczema, it's just gone. I think it works because it doesn't have any 'extras' in the soap (but I'm not a scientist, so I really have no idea, lol). We get the soap from a super nice family, with 8 kids. The soap is their family business. Each kid has a job to do, along with home school too. Their website, if you would like to check them out is It's worth a try, right? And their stuff is just amazing!

  8. Ok this is going to sound crazy but I have suffered from extreme eczema for years!! My dermatologist told me to bathe in bleach (told you it was crazy) Its only half a cup in a full bath and it works for me. I do it about 3 times a week for 10 mins (you shouldnt bathe him anymore than that.) Then I put on all my creams (never lotion, that stings on sore skin). I noticed and instant improvement and im happy to say when I flare up its not half as bad.

  9. Hi Christine, I am a long time reader, never posted though.

    Have you every heard of Pleva? It's a condition that resembles eczema and often goes undiagnosed. My son (adopted from Russia) was diagnosed with it a couple of years ago.. the pics of Dennis reminded me of it, thought I would mention it.

  10. I'm sorry but I can't understand. Dennis is suffering. Some time ago I wrote about the raw food diet. Try it first! The doctors will only treat symptoms and give him meds. Test him for intestinal parasites.
    I work as an md.

  11. Hello, my sister and I had eczema and my mom tried just about everything. One regimen she tried and worked was to use dial antibacterial soap in a lukewarm bath every other day, when we got out of the bath she would rub us down in baby oil before drying us off. After we dried off she would put a little hydrocortisone cream, if needed, and then use Eucerine cream on us, the cream in the jar not the lotion. We only bathed every other day and in between baths she used the Eucerin cream on us. This helped keep breakouts down to a minimum and during breakouts it kept them from getting bad.
    When the breakouts did occur she would use tea tree oil mixed with a little bit olive oil and rubbed a thin layer of it on the rashes before we scratched enough to break the skin. As an adult I still use this regimen and have had only one breakout in two years. Just a suggestion though, because I know exactly what the pain of having eczema feels like.

  12. Poor Dennis. I look similar although mine is the winter kind, it's now going away but I still have some scaly patches. It's a horrible condition for an adult, so it's got to be extra painful for him being a child. :(


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