Friday, March 9, 2012

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Anonymous said...
what hotel did you stay at? we will be going to Disney for a week in March. Good luck to Alex
December 15, 2011 2:49 AM

We stayed at the Anaheim Desert Inn and Suites.  Right across from the main entrance and nestled between an IHOP and Dennys-- this hotel is perfectly located.  It biggest suite sleeps 10--  the largest I have been able to find so far.  My kids love the indoor pool.

Mark said...
Is Anna getting taller? She looks like she has grown over the past year.
Good luck to Alex.
December 15, 2011 1:18 PM

She is!  This past year she has grown a few inches. :)

prettybyrdie said...
Hi! I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now but have never commented before. Seeing your family around the Christmas tree made me wonder about something. How do you "do" Christmas? More specifically, how to you buy Christmas presents? Do you spend a certain amount on each child, give a certain number of gifts, etc? I only ask because I find Christmas shopping for my tiny family overwhelming and I was wondering how you manage it without things getting crazy expensive!
December 19, 2011 6:58 PM

Christmas is a time where we celebrate our Savior's birth.  We try to keep the focus on Him rather than gifts.  We usually try and do one big family gift with one individual gift for each child.   I buy gifts throughout the year when I run across something on sale so that the expense doesn't hit us all at once.  We average about $50 per child.  The kids enjoy shopping for each other at the dollar store so there is never a lack of gifts among siblings!

Expat Mom said...
Did you know you can make French toast with eggnog? Bet that would really go over well with your "banana milk" lovers. :D
We had Eggs Benedict for supper the other night (yay, pregnancy cravings) and my boys frequently ask for French Toast for supper, but I think they don't realize it's for breakfast, we've had it that often for dinner. Whoops.
December 22, 2011 11:38 AM

Sounds Yummy!  My daughter Annalyn would love it I bet!  She is my big eggnog drinker.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...
Do you LOVE having an extra driver in the house? Kassidy (who is only 12) is counting down the days, and I have to admit, the thought of having someone else available to run to the store for milk or something makes me a little bit giddy inside... though I'm sure that's not why SHE'S excited to drive! hahaha The kids are all getting so big!! :)
December 22, 2011 12:39 PM

I do love having an extra driver.  It has been a huge blessing.  He runs to the store for me all the time!

Courtney said...
I can't imagine how many eggs you guys go through! We go through about 4 dozen a week and there are only 8 of us. ;) I did want to mention that Costco may not have the best price on eggs. We have shopped around and at least at Sam's, the 15 dozen eggs run about $2 a dozen. I can usually get them on sale for much cheaper somewhere else ($1.29 this week at Walgreens). But I also know with your large family that you may not have time to chase deals. Sometimes it is way better to spend a few cents more and save the time and gas money for other, more important, family things! :)
January 8, 2012 11:27 AM

Recently I began buying the 15 dozen box at Costco.  It usually never lasts us longer than three weeks! 

Melissa said...
The 'new' Cheaper by the Dozen movie-turned-book, or the old version book? We own the old, original Cheaper by the Dozen movie, and it's quite fun to watch every now and then :)
January 13, 2012 4:24 PM

The kids read the old version.  Tonight we watched Cheaper By the Dozen part 2 and the two are so different.  I didn't realize that there was a movie of the old version-- that would be interesting to watch.  Thanks for mentioning it.

Anonymous said...
Congrats on your future new arrivals! I have one question, though: I remember you mentioning quite some time ago that you, John, and your kids all agreed that Adam should be your oldest child, and Dennis should be your youngest. I'm just curious: what changed?
January 18, 2012 5:46 PM

I guess this is the reason you never say never.  Now that Dennis is older and most of our kids are teenagers things changed.  Our hearts have been stirred-- nothing more nothing less.

Kelly said...
Do your kids have assigned seats at the table?
January 20, 2012 11:08 AM

No they don't have assigned seats but if they did I bet it would end a lot of the bickering. :) 

Bell said...
Hi, love your blog, just spent weeks reading everything from the very beginning to catch up. But why can't I see he photos from the first couple years you were blogging?
January 19, 2012 10:47 PM

I was so disappointed to have this happen.  In an attempt to free up storage space on my blog because Blogger was saying I was maxed out, I went and deleted all my earlier pictures.  A few days later I found that for a few dollars a year I could have more space than I know what to do with.  Oh well, live and learn-- but certainly no more picture deleting.

Sarah said...
Happy Birthday Annalyn!!!
This is purely just a curiousity question but I've always wondered if your children unintentionally (cause I know they would never do it on purpose) ever segregate themselves based on adopted v. biological? What got me thinking of this question is in one pic it looked like it was mostly composed of bio kids (plus Dennis) and then in another picture your adopted girls. Of course it also looks like girls v. boys! :)
(I'm not assuming anything because I figured this is just how it happened to turn out, with how tables are set ups, who gets their food first, who is closer to whom, etc.)
January 24, 2012 12:03 AM

Never really noticed this before.  I think it is more a girl verses boy thing since most of my girls were adopted. 

Shari said...
Hi Christine!
I taught my boys to read with the book "How To Teach Child to Read in 100 Days". It worked and was very easy.
I hope it is something that might encourage you.
January 25, 2012 10:05 PM

Thank you for the suggestion.  I went out and got the book from our homeschool resource center as soon as you mentioned it.  You are right-- it is an awesome book.  I did lesson one with Dennis and haven't picked it up since.  No excuse really other than being  busy with homeschool and doing his assigned homework.  I hope to work with him over the summer.

Kelly said...
Do your girls that are the same size share clothes or do you buy for each one and keep each separated? My three oldest boys are the same size but they do not share. Just curious how girls are about that sort of thing.
January 28, 2012 5:49 PM

My girls each have their own clothes.  They have their own drawers and for the most part have no problem distinguishing whose clothes is whose.  With that said, they are always trading and borrowing!  

Anonymous said...
How old is Galina's bio sister?
February 21, 2012 11:50 AM

She is 18.

Carol G said...
Annalyn reminds me a bit of Drew Barrymore in that photo! I really like her hair that way. She is a beautiful girl with a great smile!
February 21, 2012 1:05 PM

Thank you.  I keep telling her that she looks like Drew but she didn't believe me.  I showed her your comment and at least now she knows I am not crazy!

Anonymous said...
Can I bid on a sheet of cinnamon buns ;-) They look sooo good!
February 29, 2012 3:31 PM

Funny you should say that.  One Sunday after church Julia and I made cinnamon rolls and went around the neighborhood selling them.  We went out with 10 packages and came home with 7.  

SolaceMama said...
Happy Birthday Alex!
I just have to comment on Dennis. The picture above "J&A bought a round of dessert"? HIS EYE! He looks good! I am just in awe of what God, science and a lot of love can do for a person. :)
March 4, 2012 10:22 PM

Thank you!  I think so too!  He has come so far.  Now if only we could get his eczema under control.  I am taking him to a new doctor next week and hopefully an allergist and dermatologist soon after.  

cara said...
Where did you find the fabulous comforters? My son would love one.
March 5, 2012 8:23 AM

Got them from Walmart.  I have them shipped to the nearest store to save on shipping.

Tasha said...
Are you still going to publish the cookbook with the reader submissions?
What recipes are in this book?
March 7, 2012 7:20 AM

I hope so!  But that cookbook will have over 100 recipes and I just don't have the time right now.  The cookbook I made has 25 recipes that our family uses all the time.  Some of the recipes include apple crumb dessert, taco soup, lemon meringue pie, bread pudding, and easy chile verde.

Anonymous said...
I think the cook book is a great idea since your food always looks so wonderful. I can't donate or buy one though as I am a poor college student haha. I do wish you the best of luck though!!
Also, I have a question I was wondering if you could answer since it pertains to adoption and you have done that plenty of times and probably are very educated in it.
I am wondering if you have to be religious to adopt from another country, since all adoption blogs people seem to be highly religious. Could an atheist couple, or even just a spiritual but non religious church going family adopt?
March 7, 2012 5:42 PM

It is wonderful that you have questions about adoption.  I do not think you have to be religious to adopt from another country.   But for us, it is because of our relationship with Christ that we have chosen adoption.  If you would like to discuss this more, please feel free to email me. 

Rita from Spain said...
Oh Christine, get well soon....
YOU and everyone else! Being a MOm and being sick is AWFUL...
HOWEVER, I can not help say what? at the general anesthesia....perhaps it is common in the U.S....but they would never think of putting someone to sleep to pull a molar here! With just local novacaine, it is more enough....even for my 3 yr old...who unfortunately had to have one out...
just saying...
Anyway I hope that Rachel´s visit goes smoothly! Any dentist work is usually the pits!

Thanks Rita.  I am feeling better today.  As to the general anesthesia, I thought the same thing.  But Rachel's wisdom teeth are impacted and her mouth doesn't have room for them so this is the only way the dentist will pull them.  :(

March 8, 2012 12:54 AM
Why not call it just smiles, if you delete the trials blog posts. I am confused on why it was deleted, it was a very well written blog post that might have helped others.
By Anonymous on We're Sick at 8:34 AM

 Good point.  I am sorry.  Admittedly, I didn't talk with my daughter before I posted the blog post in question.  Out of respect, I removed it.   


  1. Hi!I think you are very open and honest in your answers to questions that people ask.Pat

  2. Hi! I was interested to read one person's comment about bio kids and adopted kids- the comment or question of them pairing off. That's because I am always amazed that I can' t ever recall which is which. Sometimes I study their faces and try to figure it out, but I am always amazed how beautifully blended the kids are. I think it's because there's a lot of love in your family! Of course the exceptions are there, but mostly this is true. They are all Reeds!


  3. Christine, you actually commented on something I said! YAY! lol..I have been reading a long time and commenting here and there but I feel like ...I got called on at last by the teacher or something! You know, that moment where you realize the other person actually knows you exist!lol...

    Anyway kinda chidlish of me.... but it made my day! : )

    Thanks and I hope Rachels dentist appt. went smoothly....


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