Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dennis' Perspective

Alex said tonight, "Why your legs red Dennis?" as I was getting the boys ready for bed.  I was putting cream on Dennis' legs.
"Stop! God made that way!"  was Dennis' response.  
He quickly turned to me and followed up with, "Why did God make me with eczema?  I don't like it."
I explained that sometimes things happen that I don't know the answer, but that it might just be that he is allergic to something.  I told him that he could ask God himself one day.
"Is there anything else that you don't like about yourself that you think God did?" I asked Dennis.
"No.  God made me perfect e'cept for my eczema,"  Dennis said matter-of-factly.
I love the mind of a child.


  1. Beautiful! God made one of my daughters with excema too and she wished he hadn't. God Bless Dennis!

    Big hugs,

    Donna Dickman
    Mission Viejo, CA
    email me next time you head to Newport Beach - its where we go too (p.s. tanya baer is my bf :)

  2. My two youngest girls have horrible eczema. Just tonight I am up with one very itchy, uncomfortable, exhausted girl who just can't sleep. We have tried everything it seems. I am eager to see if there are any allergies in Dennis' case. I hope he gets some relief soon!

  3. Im sure you have allready thought of this but have you tried not using soap on Dennis? one of my boys suffered with excema as a baby and someone suggested to me we try not using soap. We of course stopped using it immediatly and his excema cleared up within a week. There is one ingredient in soap that irritates a child skin (who has excema) so we used a liquid 'non soap' from our local health food store (sorry can't remember the name of the product)..but Im sure if you went to a health store they would know what Im talking

  4. Amen! Praying all our kids see themselves the way God does!

  5. What totally awesome mind! Great kid you have there.

  6. I read the comment above about soap. I have the same problems with a lot of soaps. I don't know if its an allergy but I get very itchy hive like reactions to most of them. The one that I can use without any issues is goats milk. Also, could be an allergy to certian types of laundry detergent too. :) Just a thought.
    I love his answer! I think he's perfect too!

  7. I love it! Kudos to you and John and (the other kids) for instilling such a healthy self image in his mind!

    Praying for the eczema issue. I have just a tiny bit on my hands, and it drives me bonkers. Poor little guy!

  8. If only we all thought of ourselves the way Dennis does. He is perfect!

    Cheryl in ID

  9. I get excema type/looking things that look just like that when I eat anything that contains red dye. So it could be something like that. The only way it was discovered was the dermatologist did a skin biopsy-- cause they weren't really sure what it was/or what was causing it, let alone how to treat it. Like Dennis' nothing would help it get better. I'd suggest that! With biopsys they can look at the cells of the rash, know specifically what it is and see how to appropriately treat it too. I also react to certain laundry soap brands, so that could be a possibility.


  10. Love it! And he's absolutely right. :)

  11. I don't know if it is something you can get in America (I'm from England) but Aqueous cream is used a lot on the childrens wards by both nurses and children, and works really well! It's generally used for dry skin, but it sooths itchy areas really well, and can be used as a soap alternative.

    Other things that you have probably already been told, but incase you haven't:
    - If you wash your families clothes in perfumed/fragranced fabric conditioner, then try washing his and your (because you cuddle up to him) clothes in non-perfumed/fragranced conditioner
    - After applying any cream, put tightish clothing or bandages on that area to help the skin absorb the cream better
    - Take antihistamines

  12. I read a blog where the mom was discussing the family's switch to raw milk. After two weeks their child's excema went away. It might be worth a try.

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