Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day to Day

After sleeping for a few hours, Rachel is feeling much better now. 
Next year, she gets to have her other two wisdom teeth pulled.  
This is Dennis' school picture.  Gosh, he looks amazing!  He is so handsome with his smile!
Looking back, he has come so far! 
Jonny is so rough on his jeans.  Patches won't even stay on. He is the same with shoes and socks. 
Drives. me. crazy.
The kids watched Kung Fu Panda after school today.
When Julia was making bread for dinner, she let Sveta and Jonny cut out shapes for their roll.
My friend Sherri told me about Cannon Creative Park.  I printed out pages to make a bridge.  Very cool!
I splurged on this new colander.  Finally we have something that's big enough to hold 3 pounds of pasta.
This week the kids are doing a unit study on the Mississippi River.  So of course we made Mississippi Mud Pie.
Making these pies made me think of "The Help" and Minnie's famous chocolate pie.
So rich and delicious we can't wait to make it again!


  1. Wow! Dennis looks so mature In that photo!

    I had to laugh at your pie comment! What an awesome book!

  2. I buy all of my boys' jeans at Sears, because they replace worn out jeans for free. I think they might do holey shoes, too. Levi will also replace jeans that are less than 4 years old. We have saved tons of money, even though they cost a little more initially.

  3. Can't believe how big Dennis looks.

    The chocolate looks yummy.

  4. I hope your pie didn't contain Minnie's special ingredient! ;)

  5. I hope Rachel is feeling better! I, fortunately, did not have to have any of my wisdom teeth pulled, but all of my older siblings did, and I know that it was a rough experience.

    Dennis looks so GROWN UP! :O (and still adorable.)

    That picture of Jonny and what you said about it reminds me exactly of my little brother at that age. He would always go around with holes in his pants, socks, shoes, etc.. Actually, he still sometimes does. ;)

  6. being from MS myself, I do not recognize this kind of pie as being a Missippi Mud - it looks more like a chocolate chess pie, which is super yummy...

    For a real Southern version, make this one... it seems very close to what my grandmother makes - cant say its calorie free though... :)

    And must be something about boys - our boys constantly have holes in their jeans...

  7. I bet Dennis is so proud of his photo! What a young man he is becoming! WOW!
    I would love a piece of that pie on my next visit :). Did any of the kids get to see the movie or read the book? Our girls watched it with me, O couldn't believe life was really like that in America. I think it was good to see that all countries have flaws and struggle for doing what is right.
    Say hello for me to the kids!

  8. I'm with Beth!!

    Poor Rachel - she even looks miserable in her sleep! Hope she feels better soon, soon soon!
    I just love it when you post pictures of your kids doing things together! I wish we had more than one, siblings are a blessing in so many ways.

  9. omgosh...I love reading your updates but this one put tears in my eyes seeing Dennis...he has just blossomed! God really had his eyes on Dennis the moment he decided you and John would be his parents. You are *all* so blessed!!


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