Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Trip to the Beach

It was supposed to be a sunny yet crisp 63 degrees the day we went to the beach. It turned out to be much warmer-- or at least it felt warmer.
It made for a beautiful day!
John and a handful of our kids went in the water.  Don't tell me that's crazy-- I watched them!
William was not happy about going to the beach.  After talking to him about how I thought he was smarter and more mature than to let a trip to the beach control his attitude-- he was able to change it.
I gave him lots of ideas-- none of which included swimming or being cold and he ended up having a great time!  He told me so on the drive back home.
Sveta and Anastasia
At 15, Caleb is still a cuddlebug.  It is very sweet.
Annalyn's hair curls up nicely now that she has layers.
I told her how gorgeous she looked with her wavy hair and took a picture to show her.
Newport beach was perfect.  We have been here before but didn't know about the bathrooms right behind us.
The seagulls were great entertainment.  They often caught the pretzels in mid air.  One was even brave enough to land on our blanket to snatch up a pretzel.
William and Dennis
John, Jonny, and Andrew
Galina and her biological sister.
Both beautiful... and healing.
God is so good.
This trip was a great one.
So great that we'll probably get together again in the next few months.


  1. Wow! For some reason Anastasia's picture jumped out at me today. She looks so healthy! What a difference this past year has made!!!

  2. Looks like you had such fun. I am totally impressed some of your family went into the water! Wow! We always go to Newport also, at 50th street, they have bathrooms close and good parking:) The girls looked so happy together.

  3. How old is Galina's bio sister?

  4. Annalyn reminds me a bit of Drew Barrymore in that photo! I really like her hair that way. She is a beautiful girl with a great smile!

  5. Hi! Galina looks so much like her biological sister .It is wonderful to see Galina spending time with her biological sister. Even though she is in a new family now a part of her sister will alway be with her.It is nice seeing previous families that a child had working together with the new family the child presently has to continue the sibling bonding. Pat

  6. Wow! That's where I am from. I grew up going to that beach every weekend. My dad used to surf at 13th street and then we would walk down to the Balboa fun zone for frozen bananas in the afternoon. We took Aidan there last summer to see where his mama grew up. Totally different here on the east coast! Looks like you all had fun. And yes, those bathrooms at the Balboa Pier make it so much nicer!!

  7. What a fun day! Galina and her bio sister look so much alike! But I love, love, love Annalyn's curls!!! She is a beauty!

  8. Looks like a great day for everyone especially Galina and her biological sister. So nice you live close to the occean!

  9. Those sisters are gorgeous! :) All your kiddo looks so happy! Such a blessing. :)

  10. Hi Christine! I thought I recognized that you were in Newport. Please let me know when you guys head over again. I live in Mission Viejo and would love to meet you guys there. I walk every week in Newport, my friend and I walk from Pier to Pier ~ its so beautiful!

    ~Donna Dicknam
    (Tanya Baer is my bf and I was babies6 on frua)

  11. Wow, how fun! Neat you live so close to those beautiful beaches. We are supposed to get a big snow storm tomorrow :)

    Are those heart earrings still available? If so, I'll buy them. Email me dswendt at charter dot net.


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