Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Began with a Crazy Morning

This morning was a busy one.  Anna cut her hand on my favorite mug doing dishes this morning.  Apparently someone threw something in the sink and it broke my favorite mug.  Anna grabbed it not realizing that it had a big chunk of glass missing from it.
Right as the boys were heading out to the bus, I routinely checked Jonny's shoes and found a hole in the sole.  This happens at least every other month, so I ran upstairs and grabbed a new pair from the stash of new shoes I keep on hand.  No joke-- Jonny is going through 6 pairs of shoes or more a year right now.  Andrew and William go through shoes like crazy too!
Alex and Dennis' skin problems are a little better today-- Praise the Lord!
As I was kissing them goodbye, the phone rang.  There was an IEP team wondering if I was going to make it to the meeting... right now.  Still in my pajamas, I was thankful to attend over the phone instead.
Apparently Dennis' speech has improved so much that they told me he was going to go from two sessions  down to one session a week.  I tried to respectfully disagree... but what is the point?
Feeling once again like that Mom (who fusses too much about her child's education), I chose to sign the dumb IEP.   
It is so hard to find balance-- cooperating with the school yet pushing just enough so that they know you are still your kids' Mama bear.
It is sad that I feel like my kids' education is a burden to them.   I wish I felt differently.  
Honestly, I am so disappointed in the school system down here. 
On the flip side, it is times like these that help me to realize that my home schooled kids are better off simply because their education is geared to meet each of their needs.
Makes our home school charter all the more attractive.
Baking with my kids is such a special time. Actually anytime we are in the kitchen
cooking together is special.  
Caleb helped me the other night with our third batch of homemade thin mints.
Rachel is not much of a baker but more of a salad maker, but she keeps us company and encourages me to take pictures.


  1. How come your kitchen always looks so clean when you are baking:) Mine always looks like a floury mess, you must have a good system.


  2. You're amazing! I agree with you entirely about homeschooling.

  3. I had a speech IEP meeting for Kaleb a couple of weeks ago and they dropped him from twice a week to once a week. I protested and so did the teacher but they said the testing had improved. Testing where he is working very hard to say each word correctly is one thing, but I still have trouble understanding him when he is telling me something. Sometimes I have to ask him several times to say something and even then I end up guessing. It's frustrating because he loves to talk. All. the. time.

  4. Wow, Caleb and Julia looks so much alike!!!

    I posted on the ATR group about a school question that I'd love your wisdom on. I feel like I'm that annoying parent as well. But I don't ever have to fight with them over stuff, I just feel like they think I'm expecting too much out of Jonathan. Anyway, maybe you can check out my post and give your wisdom??

    Rachel is a beautiful young woman. What a blessed family you have!!

    Allison D.

  5. My little girls speech is pretty bad and we have gone for services for years. I asked at my last meeting if I should also try getting a speech therapist on my own and paying out of pocket.

    The speech teachers told me that the biggest thing that works is working with them every day.

    They said to get the work sheets out of the folder they have gone over at the once a week hour long class and spend 20 minutes a day going over the work page words- making games out of it in the car etc.

  6. Rachel is such a beautiful girl. And those cookies look yum!

  7. Hi! I used both school speech therapy for some of my children and also private speech therapy I had the private speech therapist and school therapist work together when they did the IEP. It worked quite well. Pat

  8. My sister is always in a disagreement with officials over her sons IEP. You are amazing and I don't know how you juggle it all and with such grace!

  9. Coming from a sixteen-year-old girl here, Caleb's kinda cute! RATS DO I SEEM LIKE A STALKER?!?! NOOOOOO! <3, Anonymous Girl


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