Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hope is in the Air

Look, a heart potato chip.  Annalyn found it.
Galina noticed our last frog finally died.  Dennis was quite fascinated with the flushing ceremony.
Bye froggy.
It snowed the other night.  The kids had fun playing with it the next morning.
Taco salad with spinach for an iron boost.
Today is Wednesday.  It has been a hard two days two weeks with one daughter.  To look into the eyes of one of your children and see a blank as if she feels nothing has brought me to my knees.  Enough said.  The Lord has given me incredible strength.  It doesn't matter what she says, she is ours and we are a family.  Through thick and thin, good and bad...
Prayer deflates the enemy.  
Prayer restores the spirit.
Prayer blankets a home with grace.
With God all things are possible.
Remember that always.
Today is a new day.
Hope is in the air.


  1. Praying for you Christine and for your daughter. Hang in there!

  2. Keep hope - I too have a "blank" staring daughter. Some days are harder than others....then hope glimmers through. Admiring from afar your journey, your energy, your responding to God's call!

  3. I too have a daughter with a "blank" stare all too often. Keep the hope and grace going! I so admire your energy, your response to God's calling with all your children, your wisdom and sharing your journey. Prayers for more days of grace and hope!

  4. I can so relate, and too, have hope for a better day...and ultimately healing of a heart (or two).

  5. I'm so glad that our hope is in the LORD! Yes, hope is in the air, because it is a real hope. :)

    So sorry that your daughter is having a hard time. :( We have seen blank, hurt stares before...but the Lord is faithful and they are few and far between now. Sometimes it is hormones wreaking havoc, sometimes it is memories... but the answer is the same..... consistently loving them through their own trial, being there, ever present, ever loving...

    Blessings my friend. BTW- the decal arrived! :)

  6. Blankness in a child is a wall put up for reasons they aren't willing to reveal. You are SO wise, prayer and love will tear down that wall and let the real person shine through again.

    Most of the time I've learned that the wall was built on a lie from the evil one, somehow the child has been deceived and doesn't know it. May the Lord give you wisdom!

  7. I love, love your last little paragraph. I had to remember the same thing with one of our daughters today.

    Blessings and grace,

  8. Praying for you. My life is easier and easier now. Sure, the twins still have some "orphanage behaviors" but my "RAD" is in the army and on his own. Parenting child who cannot love or attach is very, very emotionally draining. Hang in there. Take time for yourself too.

  9. There is a line between "hope" and delusion. Try to find that balance. Yes, it rips your heart out to realize that you are bonded to her and would do absolutely anything to help heal her heart and she feels nothing for you. It happens. Don't be so desperate for a miracle that you don't see what's in front of you if she suddenly gets all lovey and affectionate after some very troubling times. It doesn't do her or the rest of your family any good whatsoever to delude yourself into thinking that this was just a phase or that Satan was just trying to tear her away, but that Gods love and the love of your family saved her. I have seen way too many well-meaning people knocked flat by the fact that their kids were so.... good at convincing everyone that things had improved when the only thing that improved was their acting skills. Sometimes you need to accept the negative at the same time you're praying for a positive turn of events.

    I know you try to keep things "real" and at the same time put a positive spin on everything - that's great. Be realistic though. I'm not trying to criticize, I am just very weary of seeing positive people get torn apart by things that are very apparent to everyone else.

  10. I just joined your blog. I think it's simply amazing that you and your husband are able to raise 15 kids. What a huge task, yet amazing blessing.

    Keep trusting Him through the hard stuff. Indeed, He makes all things possible! :)

  11. Teenagers- don't let them drive you nuts

    Also did you have the frogs from eggs or pollywogs? If so at some point as they begin to grow legs you need to put a rock or something they can climb up on as they no longer can only live in water
    Learned that one the hard way

  12. prayers for you all!


  13. Got way too much snow here in North Idaho so I'd be happy to send a yard-full your way!

    Hoping things improve for your daughter. Sending prayers for her and your 2 new kiddos!

    Cheryl in ID

  14. Hi!Any child can be trying at times maybe she was having a bad day. I am glad you are working with her to get a handle on the situation.Good luck Pat


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