Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hearts for Each of the Boys

Just in time for Valentine's Day!  Here is our next fundrasier-- handmade red heart earrings by Julia.  Order today and they will be shipped to you tomorrow.  Just $8.
If you would like to order a pair, please email me at
I am very excited to announce that our home study came in the mail today along with our medicals!
That means that tomorrow we send off a check for $890 along with our application and home study to Immigration for approval.  We are getting closer!
Also-- hallelujah-- a friend has offered us a trundle bed with two twin mattresses!
Praise the Lord!  We are so thankful!
Don't forget to get your heart earrings-- one heart for each boy!


  1. They are beautiful! I want several pair! Perfect Valentine's gift for my nieces. Can I order 4 pair and I'll send a check out tomorrow.

  2. I think they are beautiful, but dangly earrings aren't really my style. :/ Hmm I'll think about it over night?

  3. What darling earrings! I can't wear dangly ones though, baby will grab them. :(

    Some friends of ours just finished a documentary on adoption. I thought you may be interested in it.

    rescuedthemovie dot com

    I'm doing a giveaway for it on my blog for it.

    largefamilysmallworld dot com

    I'm so excited for your family! What a blessing to be bringing home two more little ones!

  4. Hi!I hope you get the approval you are seeking .You are a wonderful family and the boys will be very loved in your home. Pat


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