Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia!

Happy birthday Julia!
What a wonderful day we all had with you!

Julia wanted to make donuts for her special day!
Everyone finished their school work early so they could work on them.
They made around three dozen donuts plus donut holes.
Galina glazed most of the donuts with Julia.
They topped some of them with crushed Fruity Pebbles.
We all had fun working in the kitchen together.
For dinner, Julia wanted homemade Nachos!  Yum!
She had her friend Ashlyn come over to spend the night.
Look at that donut cake!
Julia wanted a bag of her favorite cereal.
Julia got a mic and stand.  She also got new headphones to play the keyboard quietly.
As soon as the new mic was set up our home was filled with singing.
Even Dennis loves singing-- "God's not dead he's surely alive!  He's roaring like a lion!"
After singing, we all watched Little Men-- which is an awesome movie by the way!
Today Adam took Julia out to lunch.

Julia you are an amazing young woman!  Don't ever change!  Happy Birthday sweetheart!


  1. Happy Birthday Julia!!! You are a super sweet girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Julia! Amazing day by the looks of it. :) your doughnut cake looked delicious!

  3. Hi!It is great seeing your daughter grow over the years.My children love fruit loops.Two bags can be gone in one meal. Happy Birthday Julia.Pat

  4. the pictures are wonderful! happy birthday Julia! :)))

  5. HaPpY BiRtHdAy! Can't wait to see what great plans God has for her.

  6. Happy Birthday to Julia! Those donuts look amazing! :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Those donuts look great!

  8. Happy birthday, Julia!


  9. OMGOSH.....Those donuts!! They look AWEsome....


    Christine, plezzzzzz post the recipe!!!!!


  10. Happy birthday Julia. I pray blessings over you and your future. May the Lord bless and annoint you.

    I get a huge kick out of Dennis singing, when my little one sings to the music my heart fills to over flowing, her tiny voice at 2 praising God singing Holy Holy Holy is just the sweetest music to God's ears.

  11. Happy birthday, Julia. Looks like it was a great one! Can't believe you made her do school on her birthday, though. ;) We used to make it a family holiday. But of course, there were only 3 of us . . . you would end up with nothing getting done!

  12. You have got to make a cook book! Every time I see something on your blog I want the recipe! It would make a great fundraiser! Cara


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