Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catch Up Post

The last week has been quite busy.
When Grandma and Grandpa were here, Grandma showed the girls many new knitting and crocheting tips.
She even taught Paul how to knit.
My Mom came down just as they left.  She brought down the sewing machine I had her take back last time she was here because I was certain I would never learn to sew.  Actually, I was afraid.
But this time, I was ready.  And I learned because she is such a good teacher.  
This was our first bag that I am checking out in the mirror.
One night for dinner we made 7 pounds of cotlyete (little Russian meatloaves).
When we pulled out the leftovers for lunch today, we found out two certain girls were sneaking and eating them... and feeding them to the dogs as treats.
"But the dogs love them too Mom."
My Mom taught Julia and Anna to sew too.  Actually she brought down a second sewing machine that the girls have in their rooms.  Julia set it up and the first time she stepped on the peddle, the foot and needle took off full speed!  It scared Julia-- it was so funny!
Happy belated Valentine's Day!
All the younger boys filled out valentines the prior day to take to school and pass out.
They came home with tons of stuff!
My Mom's neighbor bought candy for all the kids this year.  It was very sweet of her.  If you are reading-- thanks Linda!  I added it to the little bit we had bought for the kids making this one sweet Valentine's Day for the kids.  At dinnertime, John passed out the goodie bags.  The kids were thrilled!
The kids start their school work as soon as they get up--usually before 7 am so 
that they could finish by 1pm.
The kids made a huge fort / indoor skate park with a huge tarp.  They think it is so cool.  They were a bit disappointed when I wouldn't let them play outside today because of rain and hail.  
When William has kitchen duty, he has a particular way of doing things.  It is quite interesting to watch him because things have to be just so.
Here I am sewing a bag all by myself!  I can't believe I am actually doing it! I even bent a needle, pinpointed the problem, and changed the needle all by myself!  If you ask my Mom she'd tell you this is huge.  Huge I tell you!  Take it from me-- you are never too old to learn something new!  Hopefully pratice makes perfect!
Speaking of new-- tonight is Dennis' first night sleeping on the top bunk.  I bribed him with a new toy at nap time today if he would sleep on the top bunk, and he did.  I wanted to see if he would do it at night too. Since he usually always sleeps with Alex on the bottom bed, this is a big deal for him.  
Here's Mr. Good Boy for the last three days!  Keep up the great job Alex!
I called the Spina Bifida clinic today and talked to them about his reoccurring break out around his mouth.  We have stopped his preventative antibiotic to see if it is contributing to it.  He is now taking cranberry chews too.  I sure hope this helps him.


  1. It does look like you all are keeping very busy! Congrats on all the new crafts! It is a bit scary to start a new project like sewing simply because fabrics can cost so much and you do not want to waste. For 'practice' materials, that won't frighten you away from cutting into them and possibly making a costly mistake(!), go to a thriftstore or Goodwill place and pick up a bunch of old clothes (sometimes they have sheets too). Many benefits to this: they are great for practice scraps and test materials, you'd be supporting whatever charity sells the stuff, you can turn the kids loose to 'play' with the pieces, and you can even use the scraps to make a piecework quilt! Enjoy :)

  2. I bought Subway subs instead of candy for mine this year since they are $5 for all the 12" in the month of February! But I did buy a big box of chocolates to share half price yesterday : )

  3. Fun and busy times. I so get your fear of sewing. :) It is amazing we can brave it across the world to bring our children home, but the thought of a sewing machine sends us shivers! LOL
    I can make simple things, but once I tried a dress and nearly had a personal meltdown. It was supposed to be super easy and take an hour. 4 hours later, I was a pile of tears.

    The girls LOVE the machine. :)

  4. I started sewing young, so was never nervous about I wish I had time - and a place! You really need to keep it set up nd ready to go, like your computer.

    Speaking of which, my mom is 90 and learning the computer - so you are just a spring chicken.

  5. Hi!I took sewing in highschool and was not very good at it.I have not had my children learn how to use a sewing machine.I suppose my girls may like to learn how to sew. At a local sewing store in the area the store offers sewing classes. I will keep you posted if my children want to learn how to sew.Pat


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