Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bathroom Drama

Raising seven girls just 35 months apart certainly has its ups and downs. Mostly ups though, or we would have never done it.  Thankfully this house has a bathroom that is perfect for them-- double sinks, lots of drawers, a medicine cabinet, and a separate room with the shower and toilet... and a door.
But no matter how perfect the bathroom is for them-- there is still going to be drama.
And one particular morning this week-- there was a lot of it.
"You used my towel!"
"No I didn't!"
"Yes you did!"
"Put away your stuff."
"Clean the hair out of the brush!"
"That's my headband!"
"You used the last of the toilet paper-- you go get more!"
As I was walking down the hall, I overheard them bickering.
Now there are a few new rules.
* Hang your towel in the spot designated for you and use only that towel.
* Only three girls in the bathroom at a time, unless you really have to go.
These are in addition to some old rules:
* Each girl is responsible to straighten out the bathroom before they go to bed.  Hang up towels, put away brushes, wipe down counter.
* If you are the last to use something, you need to ask Mom for a replacement.
*  If it is your time of the month and you notice that the pad supply is low and you don't tell Mom-- you'll be out of luck because Mom is not making a special trip.  In other words-- it is not my responsibility to keep tabs on inventory.
Fun fun fun, I'll tell ya!


  1. Hi! Girls will be girls.Continue to have fun with them you will look around and those bathroom trails will be over.Pat

  2. I do the same thing about sanitary supplies...after many times of them forgetting to share it was needed. Fortunately we have more than one bathroom for the girls but one thing we have lots of are mirrors :) We have colorcoded our bath towels and we also have marked hooks for towels if I walk in and see a towel I can tell who does not have a towel on the hook and know who the floor towel is. We go thru a boat load of shampoo. I am not sure how they do it either-
    At least their hair is clean :)

  3. LOL!!! I love it!!!!

    Allison D.

  4. I love it! You're awesome! I need to take some of your rules and us them!!! :)

  5. I had the kids towels embroidered with their names so they can't say they hung up their towel if they didn't. I have more bathroom dramam with my boys than girls. Once they discover girls it is all over. We all laugh at how they primp in the morning, however, they will defintely deny it has anything to do with girls:)

  6. I had never thought about the pad situation and the fact that women who live together tend to cycle close to one another after a bit of time. Wow!
    Hope things are going well for you. Praying for your current adoption process!


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