Monday, February 27, 2012

Around Here

Crazy busy around here.
Starting a small group at our house.
Girl drama.
Spring cleaning.
Clearing off my desk.
Dennis going through a stage of having crying fits if he doesn't get his way.
Adoption paperwork.
Yard work.
Finding a new doctor.
Straightening out health insurance claims.
But the Lord is good.
I am closer to Him now than ever simply because I cannot do life without Him.
I don't know how anyone does life without Him.
Tonight it snowed.
The kids were in heaven.


  1. Hi! I have found that when I am at my busiest God is alway walking beside me and guiding me in the right direction -His direction -and when I follow Him everything in my life works out. Keep doing things the Lord's way and you will be blessed I am. Pat

  2. Don't worry about those of us without faith.
    We do okay :)

    I hope your load lightens a little, but I've been reading this blog (mostly not commenting) long enough to know that you and John will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

  3. With God first all things are possible!


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