Friday, January 20, 2012

The Princess Birthday

Today we celebrated our daughter Annalyn's birthday.  She turned 14!
But today seems just so much more special because of who she is and how much she has blossomed over this past year.  The tremendous growth she has made, has been such a blessing to be a part of... I am just so thankful to be her Mom.
I surprised her with earrings to pierce her ears.  Too bad, I am not very good at it.
Let's just say... third time is a charm.
Please don't ask. :)
Despite the big oops on my part, priceless memories were made for all of us girls!  I think we will be laughing about it for years to come.  Only because Annalyn is such a good sport... and brave.
Thankfully, in the end, I have a happy and excited daughter!

For dinner, we went to her favorite restaurant-- Hometown Buffet.
With coupons (totaling $45 off), it was very affordable!
We all had flavored waters and Coke-- a nice treat!
Happy Birthday Annalyn!
Annalyn was so excited to get this book- The Princess Bride!  I'm not sure though if she was happier to get this book or to find Chris Sarandon's fan mail address online.
(Right now she is watching a Tale of Two Cities with him in it and John ordered Little Men for her to watch as a belated birthday present)
Isn't she beautiful?
Here is Annalyn reading a card from Jonny.  He is so sweet.
Dear Annalyn,
I love you so much but I might not act like it. You are the most special sister to me.  The most special thing about you is that you are always there for me.  Also when ever I need you, you can come.  Also when I want to play with you, you do.  And that's what I love about you.
From Jonathan
Thank you Lord for blessing us with such an amazing daughter!


  1. Happy birthday to a beautiful young lady! Earrings are SO EXCITING! I remember getting my ears pierced too.

  2. Happy 14th B-day Annalyn!!!!
    I love you

  3. Happy 14th Annalynn!!! It looks like you had an amazing day! I remember 3rd time being a charm on left ear :( ouch! They look wonderful and you look beautiful either way. :)

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet niece!! Lots of love from all of us, Uncle Brad, Aunt Connie, and your cousins Brian and Honor :) <3

  5. Happy Birthday annalyn! And, OMG, Dennis cracks me up !!! I LOVE that photo with him turning to give that huge smile. he is SUCH a cutie!!!

  6. January birthdays are wonderful. I have one,too. Happy Birthday Annalyn.

  7. Happy Bday to Annalyn! And I love that beautiful note from her brother.

    From a regular reader

  8. HaPpY BiRtHdAy to a special girl.

  9. Happy Birthday Annalyn!!!

    This is purely just a curiousity question but I've always wondered if your children unintentionally (cause I know they would never do it on purpose) ever segregate themselves based on adopted v. biological? What got me thinking of this question is in one pic it looked like it was mostly composed of bio kids (plus Dennis) and then in another picture your adopted girls. Of course it also looks like girls v. boys! :)

    (I'm not assuming anything because I figured this is just how it happened to turn out, with how tables are set ups, who gets their food first, who is closer to whom, etc.)

  10. oh that's cute, Jonny always has nice words for his sisters

  11. It is encouraging to see how far she has come!! Glad you all had a good day :)



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