Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the Wall

Today we returned to art class to see the kids' latest paintings framed and ready to go.
Of course they had to go up on the wall.
My Mom and I had fun hanging them together.
Here are the montages from our Disneyland trip.  We all enjoy looking at them whenever we pass by them.
Since buying our very first home, I have always been one to hang lots of pictures up on the walls.  But I know some people who don't like putting a nail in the wall.  Me??  I always have putty and touch up paint so it is not a big deal. 
So... are you a picture on the wall kind of gal too?


  1. I have pictures everywhere. The walls are covered! Posters, photographs, masks, art of all sorts. Wherever I am, there is something to see!

    I decided this when I was 8 years old and had the measles. We weren't allowed to read or do any kind of close work, and I was bored out of my mind. I made the decision to always have things on my walls to look at while I was sick.....a childish decision that has never changed!

    Hang those pictures, Christine!!!

  2. One of the things I did to prep my house for my home study was to put pictures on the wall. Easier said than done because I come from a family of camera-shy weirdos. Finding pictures of my dad was nearly impossible because he's usually the one wielding the camera!

    My biggest issue with hanging things on the wall is that out of a family of engineers and artists, I have no sense of space or portion. So I know if I try to hang something, it's going to be off-center or unbalanced or something else that will drive the rest of my family nuts. So I make them hang the pictures. :-)

  3. We have very very little empty wall space, because we have bookshelves and wardrobes... no walk in closets where we live. The empty wall is usually empty, or has only one larger picture, because otherwise our walls look crowded and cluttered.

  4. Oh yeah! My upper hall is designated school picture alley and the stairwell to the basement is covered in all kinds of pictures of Aidan from when we got him to now. It will continue on both sides!

  5. My husband is retired military. On most Army posts you are not allowed to paint. The only thing you can do to take those Army white walls away is to hang pictures. We have a ton and sometimes they got put up long before all the boxes were unpacked. It just makes a house look like a home!

  6. Amazingly beautiful pictures painted by your children! Either you have a very skilled teacher, or your children are very talented - or a combination of both!

    Compared to what my children get to do in school, those paintings look like fine artistry and my childrens' paintings like something done by a 3-year old.... I wish they would have a gifted teacher who would really teach and not just let them do what they want!

  7. I love the kids' new artwork, and the Disneyland collages are great. (Though I'm actually a "less is more" kind of gal when it comes to what gets hung up.)

  8. I love hanging pictures, but my husband gets freaked out about the holes. :) It's pretty tough to find frames that are made to hang on walls here in Guatemala, so when I do find some, I snatch them up . . . and use them on what little wall space we have!

    Btw, one of the awesome things about having so many kids is that you get a real art collection going . . . love the group of paintings!

  9. Christine, I am DEFINITELY a picture on the wall gal....: ))

  10. I love the artwork!

    Me? I do not like putting holes in the wall so much. But I do want things hanging there. Try and figure that out.

  11. Yes! Greg hates putting nails in the walls too but he does it so we have our memories displayed. Love the paintings - wow, they are talented! Did you have the montages printed somewhere? Great idea!!


  12. Hi! I have many pictures on the walls in my house (Oils, printers of old master artists, water colors and pencil drawings and posters.) My family loves art work. We visit the local museums several times a month.Happy hanging, Pat

  13. The kids have done some lovely art projects(!), and I always love your family photos on the walls. We do not have much hanging on our walls... not because I don't want to, but our walls are not drywall. We have stone, concrete, and a concrete-like plaster over brick type walls. Nails will NOT go through these walls - no matter what kind of nail or how hard you hit. My drill is not powerful enough to make a hole. To hang anything I have to contact the embassy to send workers with a BIG industrial strength drill. :D o well... we have some things up!


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