Friday, January 13, 2012


I'm reading a book from Craig Groeschel called "Chazown."  A Hebrew word, it means vision.  Define your vision. Pursue your passion.  Live your life on purpose.  At the beginning of the book, the author asks some very thought provoking questions.  My homeschoolers have been journaling their own thoughts because I think they are good questions.  At the end of your life whether it be tomorrow or in 40 years...

People will say I stood for...

I made a difference in the world by...

God was glorified because I...

People knew I loved them because I...

Life is so short.  It is a gift.  Life is a gift.  While you're here-- love, love, love.  Not because you expect something in return.  Not because it makes you feel good.  Not because it is easy.  Not because the person you love is naturally lovable.  Love, because He first loved you.


  1. Hi!I think it is very important for everyone to know they are loved. Many children who live in orphanages may feel they are only being warehoused in the orphanages in which they live.Many of these orphanages are very over crowded and very poor and not staffed very well.When the child turns 16 years old the doors at the orphanage open and close one last time for the child and the child must leave the orphanage with very limited skills to get a job and no support system to fall back on if he needs some support at a later date.I admire you Christine for the support you and John have given Sasha your daughter's friend.You do not talk about it. But I am sure it is there.I am sure you have much more in store for helping this young man.Have a blessed day, Pat

  2. What a great post!! I'll have to have my homeschoolers journal about that too.

    It makes me think of my friend Jen. She died 6 weeks ago due to complications from giving birth to her 8th child. She was my dearest and closest friend and when I think of those questions, I think of her. She was THE most giving person. She loved the Lord and it showed by her acts of service. She would give you the shirt off her back. She was amazing. She left a beautiful legacy to her children (ages 15-0). She loved well because Jesus loved her. Ther are pages I could write about her giving heart. I hope I can leave that kind of legacy. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I have that book Christine!! Just kind of glanced through it but it looks great! Wonderful thought provoking questions

  4. Love the "love, not because the person is naturally lovable" line. Amen. Doing the right thing because it is the right thing.
    You have great vision and passion. God given and refined!

  5. I've been reading since before you adopted Dennis. I was away from my computer for a few days, so I just read now that your family is planning to adopt again. SO cool! I am so overjoyed for all of you, new addition included! :) Your family really inspires me. Thank you for blogging!

    Los Angeles

  6. What a fantastic idea!! I think it's wonderful that you are getting your children to think about these things & it's worth thinking about ourselves as well!
    Hope you are keeping well & having a wonderful time!


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