Monday, January 30, 2012

Life is Interesting

I can't believe what a little stinker Dennis has turned into recently.  It has actually been for the last few months that he has started having these little tantrums-- as if to declare to the world that he has a voice, his own ideas, and if he wants to put his foot down-- by golly he is going to put his foot down.  Half the time John and I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Most times we scoop Dennis up and whisk him off to bed for a timeout which seems to be the most effective.  
But every once in a while, we hear him out.
"You hurt my feelings!"  
"You make me cry!"
"But Julia promised me chocolate milk!"
William continues to make dinner quite interesting.
He doesn't eat beef.  Unless it is steak.  He doesn't want you to eat beef.  Unless it is steak.  Then it's okay to copy him.  For everything else like getting out of bed in the morning, it is not okay to copy him.
Remember the plates each of the kids made?
Who knew they would become the focus for William at dinner.  For a while there he was insisting that everyone have their plate for dinner... and he was adamant about it.   John and I work with him every night about this so now it isn't such a big deal anymore to have some of the plates in the dishwasher or something.  The key is that we have to continually work with him about these things.  Let's just say-- he makes life very interesting.

Anna loves pickles.  So much that I am thinking a big jar would make an excellent birthday gift this year! 
What do you think?


  1. LOL! The photo of Anna and the ginormous pickle (or gherkin, as we call them here) is hilarious! I love them too, and would have been very excited to get them for my birthday! Why on earth not! :)

  2. LOL -- When kids that are "too old" to be trick-or-treating come to my house, I always offer them a giant dill pickle, instead. :)

  3. Anna, thanks for the laugh this morning. I think you need to see a doctor for your green tongue. Ha ha!

    A reader in ID

  4. Well, I would love to get a jar of pickles for my birthday, so I think it would be a great gift for her. :D
    Aren't stages fun? Hopefully Dennis will outgrow his soon!

  5. We love pickles over here too. :)
    I just love the stages kids go through. :)

  6. I snorted diet coke up my nose after seeing that picture of Anna! When is her birthday? Can i ship her some of the pickles that I canned last summer?

    Blessings to all!

  7. Hi!Children who have an autism spectrum disorder can keep a large family very busy just dealing with their own issues. A child who has autism sees the world much differently than average children their own age. I know it is hard having a child with autism it requires a lot of work much one on one time. It seems like you and John work as a team when dealing with your son and his needs. You and John are super. Good luck Pat

  8. My son also likes dill pickles, but he's really crazy about green olives! I don't know how many jars, of all sizes, of olives he has received as gifts over the years!

  9. The big pickle jar is an excellent idea!! My dad gave me one for my tenth birthday and the pickles lasted a very long time. . .I very much enjoyed them!

  10. I love pickles!!!!!!!You are funny Anna i laughed when i saw it i just want to see more of those pics of you so have fun and hope you get pickles for your birthday.


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