Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awesome Boys!

The kids only get one hour a day of computer time, so they often sit and watch each other play.
Isn't this picture sweet of Andrew and Paul?
Too bad they aren't always this nice to each other. ;)
Adam designed these shoes for his art class.  As my kids would say, "They're pretty boss aren't they?"
Dennis is just a goof boy! 


  1. I bought a buzz lightyear costume half price after Halloween (Woody too) and I'm taking them to Disney this coming weekend for the twins to wear at Hollywood Studios (MGM).

  2. They are awesome!
    If you bought some cheap white shoes and some fabric paint you could make some shoes like he designed. My friend's daughter wanted zebra print ones,but they were $50, so we made some instead. Contact paper and spray would work well too.

    Dennis's eye looks really good too, he is so handsome. I bet his former carers would barely recognise him.

  3. Hello again,
    I just saw this video and it made me think of Alex, I bet he could do this too!


  4. Hi! I limit my children's time on the computer.I find that the computer is helpful with homeschooling. Pat

  5. Gorgeous photos. And WOW Dennis' new eye looks FANTASTIC!

  6. Adam has some talent with art I would honestly buy the sponge bob pair!


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