Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too Funny

I was out grocery shopping with a few of the kids yesterday.  I passed the egg nog and asked if any of the kids like it.  Galina said she does.  So I bought a small carton.
I already knew that Annalyn loves it!
Probably as much as I love her hair!

Isn't she quite the actress?  Drunk on egg nog.
Hey, wait a minute.  I don't think egg nog has alcohol. :)

Dennis was in a timeout next to me in the kitchen.
He wrapped himself in this rug.
That's as weird as calling egg nog, banana milk-- which he also does.
Dennis now begs, "Please pour banana milk in my cup!"

I made cinnamon french toast for dinner the other day.
It made me think back to my younger days when my Mom would make breakfast for dinner so I ran to get some rubber bands so I could put my hair in little girl braids.
Cute, huh?

The boys found these blocks in one of our homeschool bins.  They have been keeping them busy...
when they are not fighting over computer time to play Wizards 101 or some car racing game.
Last night there was some serious drama happening with the girls.  I am so embarrassed and sad for them, that I won't even blog the details.
Thankfully, I think my words hit home and as I went around and checked on the kids one last time, a few of them had already made up.  Because hearts are still tender I'm sure, I made sure to include it in our lunch prayer.
Speaking of prayer, I have been praying with the four middle boys.  Last night I was going to just skip it because I had gifts to wrap, but Andrew came to my room.
"Mom... Paul was talking about praying and so I think it is a good idea if you come to our room and do it with us."
~~big smile~~
Oh how they blessed me right then and there.

Back on Monday I made up a chore list with dollar amounts like
clean outside fridge $3.50
wipe down both tea kettles $.50
clean out both eating utensil drawers $1.00
organize all boys' toys $3.50

The kids were excited to earn some extra spending money since we do not give an allowance.  I was excited to not have bored children for a few hours and to have some extra things done around the house.
So of course, the kids wanted to spend it at the dollar store to buy Christmas gifts as soon as I handed out the money.
But who was going to take them?
I could, but the kids didn't necessarily want me seeing what they bought.
So they begged Adam.  And he asked for a buck for his services. :)  I obliged.
But poor guy ended up having to take the van because one extra kid wanted to go.
Though Adam can drive the van, he hates it.
So the great Mom that I am helped him back the van out of the garage by using arm motions and loud beeping noises. :)
Thanks Adam for being a great sport!


  1. Hahahaha! My dad threatens to make me drive with the van (12 passenger) when I get my temps so everyone knows it's I am and stays away. ;p

  2. We like having scrambled eggs and chili sometimes at night. :)

    How precious that they wanted to pray.

  3. Mmmm the cinnamon toast looks delicious! You crack me up getting pony tail holders for braids.

  4. I love that andrew came downstairs and asked you to come up and pray with them bc Paul was asking. SOOOOO sweet.

  5. How else would she tie the ends of her braids? *seriously confused* Isn't textile covered rubber bands what everyone use?

  6. I thought the braids were great!!

  7. OK, in that picture of Dennis on time out, your rug looks just like your counter top. I thought he was hiding under a slab of granite and thought, "Gee, her time-outs are pretty tough!" lol.

  8. Depends on the eggnog you bought whether it has alcohol in it or not--the orginal/real stuff is very alcoholic!

  9. Did you know you can make French toast with eggnog? Bet that would really go over well with your "banana milk" lovers. :D

    We had Eggs Benedict for supper the other night (yay, pregnancy cravings) and my boys frequently ask for French Toast for supper, but I think they don't realize it's for breakfast, we've had it that often for dinner. Whoops.

  10. Do you LOVE having an extra driver in the house? Kassidy (who is only 12) is counting down the days, and I have to admit, the thought of having someone else available to run to the store for milk or something makes me a little bit giddy inside... though I'm sure that's not why SHE'S excited to drive! hahaha The kids are all getting so big!! :)

  11. Hi It is nice to have an extra driver. It really helps out. Merry Christmas Pat


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