Monday, December 26, 2011

She's 16!

Happy birthday Rachel!
You are growing up too fast! I thought I could put off this day for a bit longer, but no, you are 16 now! 
It is a blessing to be a part of your life.  You are growing into quite an amazing young woman!
We made mint cupcakes.
Just like always, Dennis positioned himself to help blow out the candles.
Even Alex made sure he was helpful blowing out the candle!
Over the summer, Sasha made Rachel a shelf  (he is going to school to be a cabinet maker) for Rachel.  He bought her this picture frame too.  I brought them home in my suitcase and held onto them until now.
It was a nice present to Rachel which made her smile.
Happy 16th birthday Rachel!


  1. What a heartwarming post. Without ever having met any of your children, somehow Rachel is a special favorite of mine. She is a lovely girl, and you've helped her uncover all that loveliness, I'm sure.

  2. Happy birthday! She's turning into a beautiful young lady.

  3. Thank you Christine for the Christmas wishes-I enjoy reading your blog so much, and I love all the pictures you post! Happy Birthday Rachel! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas break,blessings

  4. Happy Birthday Rachel. 16 already!! Time goes by so fast.....

  5. Beautiful young lady! Happy Birthday, Rachel! The shelf is really pretty~ what a sweet surprise. :)

  6. Happy Birthday Rachel! You are one amazing young woman!


  7. Happy Birthday Rachel! You are no longer the little girl I remember seeing at the U.S. Embassy. :) What a beautiful young lady you have transformed into! :)

  8. Racel just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Happy birthday!


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