Thursday, December 1, 2011

Only Four More Nights

Alex and Dennis both make a lot of projects at school. Here are some of them.  It would be quite a collection to keep them all-- so I take pictures instead.
Alex made this pumpkin.
He also made this place mat.
Dennis made this soccer man.
Dennis wrote about pumpkins.
Since it has been cold lately, I have been letting the dogs in to sit on the rug.  Aren't they cute?
The kids have worked incredibly hard this week.  I am amazed at how much of their work they have completed.  I told them to be done by Monday, but it looks like they may be done by tomorrow!  Rough drafts of their Ice Age Mammal essays were not due until tomorrow-- yet I have already corrected most of them!  Galina is busy typing her essay up as I blog.

Poor Anastasia had her cavities filled yesterday.  She couldn't help crying near the end-- she was so uncomfortable with the numbing.  The one good thing about the experience-- she is now brushing after every meal and flossing!  She hopes to never have another cavity.

Little by little we have been preparing for our trip.  The kids were so excited to see our snack bags packed and ready to go!
Only four more nights till we leave for Disneyland-- the kids are counting!


  1. Joy (not signed in)December 1, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Cool! I hope you have a great trip. Poor Anastasia; I had a cavity filled once. Luckily I didn't have to have any numbing, but it definitely did inspire me to brush better. :)

  2. LOL I also take pictured of the art..There is no way..esp with a large family to keep everything. I know my SIL has a bin for each of her boys and keeps stuff in there...I don't see the point. i don't think boys care that much. i beat myself up about not scrapbooking..but we take tons of video and pics....

    Have a great time on that trip missy!!!


  3. Two comments on this post! First, I'm sorry about the fillings. Yuck, I hate the dentist. It's possible that their poor nutrition before they came to your family has contributed to their tooth decay. I have an unofficial adoptee (18 yr old domestic girl who aged out of the foster system and ended up homeless). She had never had good nutrition or had EVER been to the dentist, except to get teeth pulled. I took her for x-rays and cleaning, and she had 19 cavities. Poor thing had 13 smaller ones filled at one visit, and the six bigger ones filled at another. She was on Medicaid, and they refused to give her any gas (even with my offerings of waving a credit card in their face). I asked her if she wanted to leave, but she was brave. I held her hand the whole time, as she cried. They really numbed her up to cover all of her mouth for the fillings. Poor thing. The worst news, though, she ended up with a meth habit (which rots your teeth) and about ten years later (in her late 20s), she chose to have ALL of her teeth pulled for dentures, rather than go through her ongoing tooth decay problems. *sigh*

    Onto the art -- If you take a picture straight-on (not on an angle), you could print out a thumbnail sheet of the pics and keep a cute reference that way. Another idea would be to snip a small piece out of each art project, and collage/frame them.

  4. The soccer man is such a cool idea, I'm stealing it Dennis! :D
    My boys can make them this weekend.

  5. oooh I'm so sorry about your tooth Anastasia! i've had a TON of dental work done, and my mouth has been numbed MANY times, so i can totally sympathize with you--it's NOT fun! but, way to get through it! LOL, i'm 15 and i still cry! ;) you were really brave, keep up the good work! :D

  6. You guys will have so much fun! We went to Disneyland last year and the kids still talk about it! BTW, did you get wind yesterday?

  7. I'm so excited for your trip to Disneyland! Make sure you take a new family picture on that same staircase in New Orleans Square!


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