Sunday, December 4, 2011

One More Sleep

All is good-- I think.  I just forgot how much detail goes into packing for all of us.  Even though I think I have remembered everything-- I am counting on forgetting something.   Oh, I hope not though. :)

The kids are not asleep yet though it has been nearly two hours since they went down.  I guess they are excited about our vacation.  Dennis and Alex have especially been talkative.  When I went in to check on them Dennis informed me that Alex had hurt his feelings.  "How?" I asked.  "Well, he turned upside down in bed and put his feet on the wall like this," as Dennis showed me what Alex did.  "And this hurt your feelings... how?" I asked.  That little turkey.   He hears a new word and pretends like he knows what it means. LOL.
Alex's remark?  "I sorry I hurt his feelies."
Galina's social worker has called for yet more paperwork.  Each time she does this she says that she is about to finish up the report but needs one more thing. This time it is the adoption decrees of all our adopted children.  They are ready to go out in the mail tomorrow.  I hope this is the last of the paperwork.  She says it is,but for some reason I am not holding my breath.
Good night. 


  1. Just don't forget the little blonde kid upstairs in the attic and figure it out on the plane half way to Paris... oh wait, wrong family. Never mind. :)
    Have a good trip!

  2. Can Alex do the same thing? He may have been upset if he couldn't do it himself?

  3. Have a blast!!!

    One thing we did when we went to Disney last year to cut down on cost of food...

    We slept in a bit and ate a big bunch before going into the park (around 10am). I fixed a loaf (you would need two) of bread into PB&Js, put them in sandwich bags and back into the bread bag to carry them in, for a late afternoon snack. I also had a big bag with snacks for all during the day. We bought bottled water and froze them, so they would stay cold all day. We stayed until the parks closed (it was much less busy late at night) and for those that were hungry we got a fast food burger on the way back to the house. We did not buy any food in the parks the whole week we were there.

    It is lots of work to go on vacation but oh, the memories made... makes all the trouble worth it! :)

  4. Have fun!
    Why would she need ALL those adoption decrees???? That is odd. Did you have to provide those before?

  5. Have a great time! We've ever been but am looking forward to your report:)

  6. That social worker is totally making me nervous. I have no idea why she would need those adoption decrees. Weird.


  7. Have so much fun at Disneyland! I love it there, especially at Christmas time. I'd love to hear how you handle the logistics of taking a big family on vacation. Rent a house? Multiple hotel rooms? One car or two?

  8. Have a fabulous vacation! I can't wait to hear about it and see pictures of it. I think the adoption decrees from the social worker sends up red flags to me. WHy is she asking for this? I have done three adoptions...our oldest passed away and never have I been asked about the other childrens adoption decrees and I have been adopting in Russia! Is there any way you can have a chat with her to see what she is getting after? Very odd to me. I wish you the best. I just find it hard to believe someone would be questioning your motives. Maybe have her read your blog? Just looking at the pictures of Galina would tell her all she needs to know. My agency says pictures for them tell a thousand words. How long has she been dragging her heals now anyway? Sorry for the rant! Have a fabulous trip!

  9. Hi! I am finding that interstate compacts offices are asking for more additional information from families - the old family and the new family especially if the adoption was from an adoption disruption .I advice every family do use interstate compact it may be a lot of paper work but will save hassle in the future.Good luck Pat


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